Artist release in April is still Unacceptable, Among Other Things

I still don’t believe how much AGS and Smilegate are allowed to screw over the playerbase. @Roxx .

The bigger problem is everyone is tired of complaining about this and gave up, which is exactly what AGS wanted, and they get to win this way.

There were multiple mass polls both on the Forums and on Reddit, where the most popular class cadence choice was by far “every month.” You ignored that feedback. There has been a support shortage since the start of the game, every lobby waits for a support close to an hour in Brel Partyfinder, and now you’re telling us that Artist is coming 4-5 months after Summoner. Literally they manage to find the worst hills to die on EVERY single time.

On top of this, the so called “we’re catching up to KR” is turning into more and more of a scam. We’re further behind than KR than we’ve ever been since launch. Stop drip-feeding classes as content.

Oh, by the way, most people I know either completely quit or took long breaks, because there is literally nothing to do in this game till April. The Witcher “Event” was nothing more than a daily 5-min Spam-G, and the next “content” is a PvP Arena that is utterly hated by KR and was asked by the KR playerbase to be removed from the game multiple times.

Please stop ruining this game and treat your playerbase with some respect, AGS.


No we not “further behind KR then when the game launch”

Beside your point about Artist release in April

Everything else is a snooze fest

And it been clearly stated we are never gonna be at content parity with KR. The problem is some of your point is already been address, you just happen not to like them.

We are with Brel HM release.
Those are release dates for raids. I do not know when Brel HM released in KR, but I know that it was 2 months after NM.

Argos KR - 2020-09-16 / West - 2022-03-10
Valtan KR - 2021-01-13 / West - 2022-05-18
Vykas KR - 2021-02-24 / West - 2022-06-30
Clown KR - 2021-04-28 / West - 2022-9-28
Brelshaza KR - 2021-07-28 / West - 2022-12-14

That gives us, with Brel HM being estimate:

raid days_behind
argos 540
valtan 490
vykas 491
clown 518
brel nm 504
brel hm 563

This chart mean nothing to me because you are not separate them between KR release date and US.

You are showing me the differences between KR release date and when we get it.

This number is useless , and you want to know why ? Because it literally doesn’t matter how long ago they got it.

The only number matter is the pacing between release Valtan to Vykas and so on of KR vs NA.

It matters, because we were promised that they will try to catch us up to KR ASAP once we got so many players on release day in the western regions. However, they are clearly not delivering on this promise in terms of raids, as we are falling behind more than we did with release of Argos.

It also completely contradicts you false statement:

No we not “further behind KR then when the game launch”

When Argos released we were 540 days behind. When Brelshaza HM releases we will be 563 days behind. I did most of the math for you, I hope you can make a simple comparison and figure out if we are getting further behind KR or not.

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Again nope it doesn’t matter you are taking what I say as literally gospel.

I don’t care if it an extra 23 days.

This is not even a time gap that would mean you get a content patch.

I really don’t care because you are crying over an ant hill

The fact you hone in on but you say we not behind but in fact we are by 23 days ! As a gotcha I cannot not laugh :joy:

It matters, because after Smilegate director statement most people I assume expected that we will be getting closer to what KR gets, but we aren’t. We are falling behind even more.
I don’t think that many people expected to get the same patch on same day, but eventually being just like 1-2 months behind was something at least I was hoping for.
Watching KR having fun with Akkan and other content, while we are doing things that are 1 and half years old is kinda disheartening and shows how much they don’t care about our region.

I’m glad I made you laugh over those 23 days, but sadly it does not seem like you are able to interpret what I wrote in any meaningful way. Still, good for you I guess.

Yeah and if this a hill you want to die on be my guess. We are never getting content parity and that a fact, RU been out for 3 years and have not gotten there.

Western server aren’t more special. If this extra 23 days mean you have to do Brel normal 3 more time is that detrimental I hope you find a new game that content pacing won’t be a problem.

So as far a i heard we are aiming to be behind 6-9 months. It will Not get much better than that.

While your math is right. Id take a few things into consideration:

  1. We got T3 right out of the gate, which was not expected.

  2. Argos released at least a month too early.

  3. Brel Hard being 2 months after normal was also to early… 4 months is stretching it. Id say 3 months would be the sweet spot.

As far as class cadence goes we still get “new” classes more frequent. I was fine with the 2 months though i had to wait for my Summoner for so long. I get why they stretch it from here on to get more content patches but again id say 4 months is too much and 3 months would have been better.

AGS and SG do not give a shit and never will, giving feedback is like talking to a brick wall.


Well, Argos released too early because our ilvl was too low. Brel HM would have been too early because, again, our ilvl is too low. If they made it easier for us to craft Brel gear and hone up to certain ilvl then it wouldn’t be too early. So they had the means to make it fine, but decided to milk us dry.

so my original post was flagged for offtopic , seems some dont like my opinion.
i do it a bit nicer now aand just that its not offtopic even tho it wasnt offtopic i refer more to the Artist than other things:
my opinion : its good that they stretch that time to april.

so may i ask @noctevulpes , on which bases you are allowed to demand things ?

im just curious about.

You can play this game for free. its a free service
so tell me how you can think that you are entitled to demand things ?

even if you spent money on it , it was on your own joice , arent it ?
did AGS or smilegate ever asked for money ? or did they to you ?
I personally got never asked from AGS or SG to give them money. if i did, it was every time my own joice to do so .
did they say if you spent money on the game you get things faster ?

also if we spend money, its always for the current service of getting currency or pixels!
all money we spend is for the service to use some extra pixels. dont forget : nothing on your account is yours, it belongs to AGS and smilegate and only lend you the right to use things on your account

nothing is yours and the money you spend is also just to lend some pixels they are not your property

so i ask again , if you donate somewhere to something , like charity, are you afterwards entitled to say what they have to do , just because you donated ?
or a streamer , if you donate to him , does he has to do after you donated to him what he has to do ?
you dont own him

i know its not a charity , its companies to make money
but in the end, you demanding things you are not entitled to

they do a service for free
they offfer extra services for money
they decide when what and how it comes or works
not that comunity

im not whiteknighting
i just tell how things work
i still dont think they do a good job with bots or with the still ongoing disconnects, but again its a free game

what is when we would get artist or and weathier child earlier ?
whats then slayer 2 month later ? and then ?

1 year + waiting for the next class ? there is after that nothing in planning atm exept a second macial artist male class , they worked over 1 year on slayer

also when Classes are no content , why you even bother to make that post ?
you say there are people who have nothing to do till april. but in april whats coming ? brel hard … that it that people who have nothing to do now have 2 weeks after clearing brel hard again nothing to do

you dont like what they , do i respect that . im am pretty happy with that roadmap and how the paste is going

i like that they slowed it down, sry but i play alot and i have something to do every single day… its even too much , but i dont fomo
i love the witcher colab , its was more than in other games what they did

the paste of content is in the right spot atm
i love pvp , so i will love rowen ( its your own joice that you dont like or play it )
Smilegate says classes are content , deal with it , just because you dont like it , thats your personal opinion

your polls … yes why should people who are happy even bother to do that poll ? only people who are not happy participate in those

and tbh reddit polls are rigged , there are people with hundrets of accounts for manipulate such things

best reagrds
hope this time my post wont get flagged for offtopic , even tho 80% direct to the original post

people flag just because they dont like diffrent opinions
its nice that the comminity can flag to censor diffrent opinions :slight_smile: i should start that aswell

One of those “either leave positive feedback or leave game” posts. We have negative opinions of the game when we dislike something and this forum AFAIK does not have any restriction about what feedback we can give.

Asking for faster release of a class is in my opinion a valid feedback. We even support that opinion with facts about state of the party finder and lack of supports (Artist is 3rd most played class in KR), or not being able to buy Witcher skins for Artist. We even said that they can release her skins later. They ignore it and we are even more unhappy.
But of course they are making decisions and we can’t do much else other than either accept, tolerate or just quit this game.
I guess we can also give feedback, so they know how we feel about what they do. Maybe they don’t care about those in our region, maybe they do, but this subforum is for that specific purpose. You can also try and post those “either leave positive feedback or leave” but I’m pretty sure everyone will still just give their feedback, so you can go ahead and cry now.

As for your post being flagged as off-topic - just don’t tell people what they can give feedback on. If you have some arguments about Artist being released in April being better than in February then feel free to share those. But essentially telling us to STFU is not very helpful.

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Ever heard the saying ‘Time is money’? Because that applies here.

Game is ‘free’ but demands as much time and attention as a job in order to play the latest content competently.

Either way the feedback is helpful and is relevant but it will never matter because SG and AGS dont give two shits about us and what we want.

That and we have dumbasses going around thinking because the game is free we should be happy to eat shit.

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but if you think atm you eat shit , why you do it instead of quitting the game ?
i dont get it, why people always think they have to form something new

in the long term its better for the game when classes dont come that early , because they are a big seller

why you guys always think , a game is a second life… this game got created to earn money for the founder/company/ boss

heaving happy players is a sidedish
they already made their money from the game with the launch, that here is just milking the rest which is still happy with the game, the rest which was unhappy, just left.

there is no need to think you can do it
you cant
and i am happy with that april date because till than i have more than enough time to set up a good amount of mats to push instantly to 1500+

i have already 4 supports

the argument that with artist , support shortage will be less of a problem is just wrong
also its completely wrong that artist is the trhird most played class
the number is called its the 3rd most created class
also almost noone in KR plays it as a main, its almost all alts which means it does not help to fix the shortage in progression states

you guys even think ?
be happy , play the game enjoy your time
thats the game is for
if you are not , just stop

I kind of just stopped responding to the AGS white knights on the forums. If someone is delusional enough to defend AGS’ behaviour at this point, there is no saving them :slight_smile:

There is so much basis for everything I am saying here, including AGS standing behind their own words of “catching up to KR,” helping the support shortage, and “respecting their players.” Drip feeding content is something frowned upon in every game, and honestly I’m baffled by how much of this community defends it. There is nothing worse you can do for a game than holding back content that is already out, especially content that is not locked behind progression (classes, etc.) We saw the TW server actually act against this, and the feedback from the NA/EU community was extremely positive, even when it happens to someone else, because we know that is the right way to treat your players.

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I did quit, for 6 months.
I’m here because my friends dragged me back so i decided to wait for artist not doing much else but stacking gold.

I will never understand people like you who vehemently defend a game against people wanting to improve it, nothing is perfect and definitely not this game.

“i dont get it, why people always think they have to form something new” Because they see potential in the game to be better, they want to turn that shit in to gold, and that’s good for the game developers, you want people caring about your game.

The worst thing a game developer can experience from its player base is apathy.

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Only one problem.

Releasing artist now will not solve brel support shortage at all.

It will be at least 4 months until the new chars will be honed to 1520.

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I want everyone to look at themselves as they play this game and ask yourself, why are you doing this? Is the time spent in this game truly worth the fun you are getting back?

If it is, good for you, if it isn’t, dont force yourself, just step away.


This is the perfect solution fallacy right here. Artist obviously will not solve the support shortage 100%, however, it will help alleviate it by filling up some PF rooms. Releasing another DPS class like Aero and Slayer will not even help the support shortage one bit. So I would appreciate it if you stop posting these kind of opinions in Artist threads.

I can assure you that people who have been saving for Artist like me will get her to at least 1490 on day one. If I were to use my gold as well she can be 1520 but that’s way too inefficient. However, getting to 1520 fast or not is not a valid argument to delay a class option for people who wants to try out/ play support classes. It is extremely expensive to try to acquire timegated honing materials such as honor shards and t3 leapstones. If she were to be released in February then I would say yes, Artist mains can get to 1540 by April. However, since the release date is set in stone for April, most Artist mains would probably only get to 1490 or 1520 if they whale hard enough.

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