Artist Skin - Unacceptable practices - New year exemple

I am here today for a rant.

When i get the artist i opened my expedition storage where i keep my earned or bought skin.

Here is what i got :

I understand that some skins would not be fit or designed to be for the artist, and that the artist being a new class adds to that.

I understand less that the hoodie work and ALL other are not compatible, such as witcher, bear etc.

I find UNACCEPTABLE that some bought skin like a month or two ago are not compatible.

For instance for the new year, i BOUGHT it, the game does not let me put it on the Artist, but when i go to the store i can buy new year skin specific for the artist.

So IT exist and IS compatible ! It is just a sales practice where i am forced to buy the same skin again one month later because of the new class!

I bought lots of skin during this last year, but that kind of practice is clearly not acceptable.

Please don’t tell me it was announced as this or provide official AGS/Amazon statement, and still my point would stand.

Is there a plan to correct that current status of things ? Make previous skin box compatible with artist ?

I am spending money on the game for the pleasure, but getting screwed like that remove all pleasure.

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Yeah, was a let down that skins that should work for the artist (like the witcher) didn’t.
And saw it too, the new year skin, bought the entire pack just to notice it didn’t work for her, but it was still being sold in the store

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If they added the artist skin to the old box, then people who didn’t buy the old box would have missed out or face exorbitant price gouging on the AH.

If they added the artist skin to the old box and put it back on sale, the other classes would get to buy the new years skins for another month despite their original sales period being over, and those who rushed to buy within it’s original time frame as a limited purchase would feel cheated.

Instead they made an artist only version of the box so artist players would be able to get the skin for a month instead of waiting a whole year till the skin was re-released at new years with the next set of new years skins.

Yeah like most skins temporary sold in all games.

Of course not, going from your assumption, they could have made some previous compatible box available again very temporarly for the arists for people that did not took the box before. Why previous people would feel cheated, there would be no impact on them. And if they would want the skin again on a second char of a different class, they could bought it again, like it works in LA from the begining.

I fully disagree with what you are saying. Plus it does not justify this practice. There are tons of solutions.

You don’t have to agree with what im saying, This is just how AGS / Smilegate are doing things.

They can only tell us so many times “we won’t be adding skins from unreleased classes to previously released skin chests” and hope it sinks in and people will stop buying chests , holding onto then and then pikachu face when it doesn’t work.

They didn’t have to give us the artist new years skins, they could of just made us wait till next year, but instead of making us wait they got around the “we won’t be adding skins from unreleased classes to previously released skin chests” rule by making us an artists skin chest right now so we wouldn’t have to wait.

I’m grateful they did, I was able to grab the two i like instead of waiting a year.

You could always sell your chest on the AH for gold and in turn use that to buy the artist version which will start showing up today.

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No. This is your interpretation on how they do. So i can disagree and i do. Mine is the fact that they want us to buy all skin we want again for every new char even if we kept the old skin because they were temporary sold. This practive is commercialy misleading and as i customer i feel screwed.

Please provide official AGS/ Amazon Game statement on that since you use quote like you are quoting something, i would like to see this.

I answered that already from you previous post, please read, there was ton of other things to do.

Nice for you

Of course this is a solution for me. But it also is for the principle. I’m buying a skin, a product, fully compatible with every class, and one month after it is not compatible anymore, if i want it compatible again i have to buy again. This is a very poor design.

Still, i’ll bite

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Thank you i couldn’t find that. That is one statement i was trying to find. I was sincere. Tho it is a forum statement and not something you have for instance from news that give visibility, but anyway.

I never had to search for such topic, because the skin compatibilty was a greated for me since all game i was in had no limitation for skin, and more of that no future compatibility issue.

Now i know i will never buy again skin from LA just to be sure to get it because they are temporary to save them for later, because this has no meaning here for upcoming classes. I like to spend money on collecting them and use those later, and this game is not a fit for that.

Still to me this is a very poor practice. But hey i am responsible for how i spend my money, i just have to decide to put it elswhere.

They could have updated old box and sell now new one for just Artist if they don’t want other classes to be able to buy it again. I don’t think it would have affected market price of the old box in a significant way - Artist isn’t 50% of played characters. She is maybe 5%.

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might be worth mentioning, i’m not trying to be an AGS / smilegate apologist, this is just how it apparently works after a year or so of struggling against the same thing myself.

Do i wish it were otherwise? of course, i’d love to open my ark pass 2 crates on my artist, have a summer weapon on my reaper etc the list goes on.

I was just pointing out this seems to be their modus operandi, so the new years skin was a nice touch to readd for artists when they didn’t have to and other classes waiting for weapons are waiting for the next summer, fall season etc.

Same. I did bought nearly all temporary skin from the begining because of this collection game i like. This is a well known mechs in most MMOs. And a good way to show support without paying to win.

The fact that you can’t really share skin after opening it was a down, but i accepted this LA addition. Why not after all.

But this addional mech of 0 future compatibility and you have to buy it again make the temporary sale unatractive for me now, except if i want it for a specific char at this exact moment, which does not happen often if at all for me.

tinfoil hat conspiracy They made this decision because they are worried one of these outfits will show 1 inch of skin above the knee and the Puritans with their pitchforks will come out in force.

But seriously, I am on a Korean LA discord server that shares screenshots and art about the game, and it saddens me how little selection we get for Artist. I hope this dress comes some day: