Artist summoning thread

Here to say they should release artist because i want to play her. Obviously this is a good enough reason. I the main character in lost ark, am saying artist please.


Ok. Artist thread of the day #636362836382


Nope not next. I think my opinion is very important

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Yeah Release Artist and Save the Game because we have lack of supporters! :star2: :star2:


saving my dino skin for artist


I lost my hope.
I’m a hollow walking soul now.

I pass my days without joy anymore.

Expecting this suffering to end before September.

Release artist please

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Should I wake you up when September ends then?


YES :cry:

Thanks, but we’ve already reviewed that post and determined it does not need to be flagged again.

Cms are trolling.

How could you do some kind of summoning ritual without a… summoner . . .


By watching a youtube “how to” video.

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For every artist thread it gets delayed 1 week :slight_smile:

Release artist so I can reject them all from joining my lobby.

My support Artist’s DPS will be bigger than yours anyways! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

am one smol paintist army

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We will never find out cause you will be discarded as faulty product.

Mods should just post a blurb about duplicate boards and to post in an already existing board and then lock them. Keep one board per class only.

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I don’t need your approval D<

They need to just add in a subsection under class discussion that has each individual class so everyone gets to have their very own little clubhouse to whine in together.

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