Artist this patch?

She was 3rd after scouter, but that poll is sadly outdated already. LM votes should have migrated somewhere else and in cases like this, that “Silent majority” just works against us tbh as you can easily say “They are happy with their class” and you can’t refute it. Even with 2k votes, is still 1%

I’ve read through some comments made by koreans on reddit and it seems like SGR relies HEAVILY on the data the game collects for certain decisions (Like argumenting some players reached high numbers with EW build for DE) and unless the community can provide the CMs with tools to support their claims, is gonna be really hard to even increasw characters cadence :confused:

@illyaeater69 dw, I counter 350k bots for saying 2k totals is just 1%

thinks that KR doesn’t think the exact same way

Thankfully we have AGS to shield us from this heresy.

They are good and making changes like that.



Artist in October/November, unless I’m forgetting something.

Probably even longer, they have to edit her for the western release.
This includes all the skins and animations.

My bet would be summer next year.

Don’t see anything to change regarding Artist.

The only thing I expect to see they are going to change is her bottom parts (Skin) since it’s already made a fuss to a lot of people. (This is my only expectation that I can guess knowing the majority of loli-type characters had this kind of censorship.)

Also changing her whole design mean a lot of money wasted and work to do and SGS aren’t the kind to waste their resources on this silly drama.

  • Redesign Artist character :x:
    Have fun remodeling and rigging the character because of Western players.
  • Change her animation :x:
    They said animating a female character is hard so no.
  • Altered the skins :white_check_mark: (Possibility.)
    Easier to tweak and less work to do it’s just adding more mesh.

To avoid any type of drama in the west, they might even re-design her and make her look older.

Remodeling happens quite often in the industry, so you can expect them going that far. This will go hand in hand with the need of rigging and creating new animations.

So either they can deal with a backlash, not release her at all or alter her appearance.

That’s great you want them to redesign her, but sadly there isn’t a huge backlash regarding a loli-type character except when it’s actually borderline sexualized like Tera for example that has questionable skins.

I never heard of any game (MMO) where they have to remodel the character except by changing the skins by adding more mesh in a specific part.

It seems you were not aware of other MMOs and games that have a loli-type body and never made a huge fuss except what I mentioned above regarding Tera.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have :

  • Dwarf (ArcheAge)
  • Elins (Tera)
  • Shai (BDO)
  • Lalafell (FFXIV)
  • Lyn (BnS)
  • Loli body type (Dragon Raja)
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Which of those games have been released by a western mega corporation?

We are dealing here with AGS, which listens to western audiences. Also, games that you have listed didn’t get that much publicity.

Ahem, Phantasy Star Online 2 was published by SEGA and in partnership with Microsoft, they even add a height restriction to not allow you to reach below 150cm and didn’t release the Chibi-suit. :slight_smile:

AGS has absolutely nothing to do with developing the game.

They are not changing artist.

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I think it’s funny people like you are making it seem that the amount of people that GENUINELY care about this shit would need more than a single hand to round up.

You can make anything look like there is support behind it by typing about it on the internet. People that don’t stand for anything they say and just type shit for the sake of it will most likely make up more than 2/3rd of the voices behind any point you’re trying to make.

Reality is, no one actually cares about these things, time and time it has been shown that the only people that advocate for any kind of censorship are often the ones that are just being the most toxic, or are simply trolling, also proven by how they are always getting banned.


Not entirely true, they are providing feedback and helping developers shape the western release.

There has been a lot of debate about this on the forums themselves and frankly quite a few players have been concerned about the unhealthy interest in this class.

If people are raising flags and typing about it on the internet, it shows that this motion has some support already.

For someone who is claiming that people are making things up, you are typing ridiculous stuff yourself. Maybe some people are just being concerned about negative influence of eastern media? Just a thought.

Wont happen. They already said they wont censor.

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“the negative influence of eastern media” spoken like a true murican. what’s next? all asians are commies?


I readed this but i quite didn’t understand, she isn’t replying to anyone in that post, so is she refering to elgacia as the newer content? because if is elgacia is quite obviously that elgacia will take more than 7 months be released here, so it still will be 1 class per month and artist may very well be the last one for being the newest class that only KR has her, so it’s true that we will get all other classes before elgacia, not much of hope in her comment.

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I fail to see how that means anything coming from AGS

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