Artist this patch?

They have chsnged it before. Who knows what they will actually release. More than likely destroyer but look what happened with their last planned releases. Got switched to glave and dest.

Why do these threads always attract concern trolls who come here with faux morality to irritate and frustrate players?

Go away trolls.


Because NA forums.

For the people pointing out that there are plenty of supports in their chaos runs.


Try raids

The May Content Update will include Destroyer, as previously announced.

To help set expectations here (while this could change) I would expect the older/“original” classes to roll out before we get the newest class in game, since this was the catch up plan long before Artist came out even in KR


Yeah this is such a bizarre take. It’s basically saying I’m a casual that doesn’t play this game much, and see tons of supports in content thats harder for them to solo.

So October at the earliest like many of us have contended.


Expectations set. Class release drip feeding sucks.

However, thank you for letting us know.




Everyone knows that releasing 1 class a month is just to milk players. It’s a shame.

Classes are not “content”. Classes are the way to experience the content.

This is pathetic.


Ah yes I see, that’s why an August 2021 class (sorceress) is in the game right now, thanks for clarifying. x)



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I assume we will get Artist in Nov/Dec along with the holiday event. :confused:

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Which continent does Artist come from? Anikka? If the Artist’s continent isn’t release yet, then it wouldn’t be possible to release the artist unless they don’t mind showing an unreleased continent during the prologue.

Another day, another artist begging thread


Can i ask if you are sticking to the 1 class a month cadence for class releases? Since Aeromancer will be released in late summer for Korea, we will be behind another class as well.

So artist mains should plan around October most likely or will this be expedited a bit more?

I ask this because it takes A LOT of planning for mains that are not released yet, and knowing even a general cadence will help a lot of people.

Aeromancer is not going to release outside Korea before 2023

I wasn’t asking for aeromancer, I’m asking the cadence for our version’s class release, so I can plan my account accordingly, I plan on maining artist.

You get one class a month until parity. So you have until October.

did that mean scouter and artist come at the end ?



Yes, I would like to make sure the 1 class a month is the cadence they’re sticking with as per my original post.

There’s no reason to think otherwise. They’ve doubled down on it several times in the face of hordes clamoring for faster classes.