Artist this patch?

No they really haven’t. They’ve doubled down that it won’t be faster than that. They actually haven’t confirmed that they are sticking to one class a month.

Nope, and most likely not for the next 5-6 months. As Roxx said, we will see the original older classes released first before we get Artist.

The pace is great. It should reach the end of the year :slight_smile: relax

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@Roxx - why was Sorceress included over Summoner if that’s the logic? It feels very conflicting being told that the older/“original” classes get priority when it’s clear they don’t.


With the amount of desire for Artist to be released, it’s a bit creepy that a bunch of old men want to play this loli class.

They should choose not to release this class for NA as the look of the character imitates that of a 12 year old and is quite predatory for certain male audiences.

Remember, it is Amazon’s reasonability to reduce how predatory the game is correct? For example, spending money. It isn’t the user’s fault but rather Amazon and Smilegate. For this reason, Amazon needs to take responsibility for not releasing such a class to the West as it could attract more pedophiles into the game or even stimulate or enhance more users towards love for 12 year olds.

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I’m fine with her being the last, but at least make be 2 class per month, would be even better if in May had another class alongside destroyer.
I know that it’s up to Smilegate to decided it, but i believe that all CMs here are aware of our requests and may or may not have being passed to Smilegate, but will we only know about it, if it will continue being only 1 class or if will be 2 per month only in June with the next roadmap? or will we have any official statement saying that no such thing is being decided and will continue being only 1 per month?
6 months it’s a really long time, there is 6 classes yet to be released, releasing one each 2 weeks would be perfect having all classes in 3 months.

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Man artist threads always become the same thing. Just want the class to already be released so we don’t have these weird as crap conversations though it’ll happen even after releasing the class…


I am a straight girl who just wants to play a cute class that’s smol. These conversations always pop up and I’m pretty sure they’re just trolling. Idk if anybody here watches KR Twitch streamers, but almost every single artist streamer is a girl.

Once the class is released, which she has more subclasses, and an entire future continent coming out in the future, the trolling should die down quite a bit.


I honestly don’t think some of them are trolling if they’re that invested into the conversation. Feel bad for all the people who have to deal with those posts.


That is really disappoint to hear. I hope your team reevaluates that, our support numbers are really low and with Valtan coming up, it will really be noticeable. Also it is one of the most wanted classes…


Can people please stop referring to artist as a loli class? I just hope people won’t start kicking artist players from their party based on the assumption they’re creepy for wanting to play a specific class…


If the specialist class is this offensive to people they need to stop publishing Lost Ark to the west because there are 2 more subclasses being released and an entire continent where specialists come from that players will have to play through to progress in the future. (Rimera in the bottom of the map) Yozes are the race artists and Shandi are a part of.


@Yllia Did you miss the roadmap?

Stop asking for the Artist, seriously. Just stop.

Sure its october, or even later. You know, summer is over, they ditched the Bikini Skins, and have one more Year to think what they can do, or wait till all this ppls with having a dirty mind seeing a 12year and under, which she not really does, find something new to Complain and try to take away from normal peoples that just want to enjoy that.

So with October they can safe release her with fitting Clothes:

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Also to anyone crying about artist being a “kid” and omg pervy mens and pedos…

If the only way you see your characters is as a sexual prospect, something is wrong with you not the game or others.

Do you play a male class? Does that mean youre gay?

Do you play a female class? Does that mean lesbian?

Grow up, you guys are the childs, not Artist.


Cut it out. If you have a problem with someone and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to pan out, flag a specific post and try your best to move on or ignore.

I understand the concern from both sides and concerns are duly noted.

We were given our answer by a CM already. This is dragging out way too much. Let’s move to the appreciation thread or something

You’re absolutely right. These individuals can’t see reason if it’s in front of them. I’ll gladly report them and move on. Thank you for this insight.

Artist isn’t sexualized in Lost Ark stop projecting… :x

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Why are people assuming dirty things? I’m saving my animal costume for the specialist class in case I like Aeromancer/Artist playstyle, so if I play Artist or Aeromancer I’m a pedo now? what is wrong with you people?


Some of you might find it hard to believe because you aren’t old enough to have a daughter.

You probably think it’s trolling but it’s actually paternal instincts.

If they release artist with non sexualized skins, that’s fine.

It’s a bit concerning on these forums and in the KR forums when all you see are booty shots of female characters. I don’t know about you, but I find this highly disturbing.

If you visit these threads enough, you’ll see players post gifs of sexualized characters. If Artist gets released, the same thing is going to happen as well.

If this is controlled, then I don’t have an issue with it.