Artist when daily post


about Q4 2022 :wink:

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Q4 2022 is Throne and Liberty release, they are going to announce the release date in Summer.


And? There are new game releases every month.

A MMO release every month where?

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Oh come on … People like you were trying to scare AGS with WoW expansion reveal, Diablo Immortal, Elder Ring. Are you actually saying that you will quit Lost Ark if AGS/Smilegate dont give you Artist by the time new mmorpg is released? Ok

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By the time we get Artist, or any new content peoples already moved on since there is a good amount of players who are looking for a new MMO.

I didn’t say that I will quit because of Artist since she isn’t the class that I will main but Aeromancer.

Good. Let those people quit then. Less complaints on the forum about how hard is to get to 1370 or how guardians are so hard.

Whoever loves Lost Ark for what it is wont quit the game just because one of the 20+ classes is not out yet, especially when this game is about playing multiple chatacters.

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Peoples who complained about 1370 being hard already quit long time ago lol.




Ayaya class!

AYAYA when? :frowning:

October if they keep releasing 1 class per month.

tahts not an acceptable answer. ayaya when ?

at least we would get the halloween costumes for artist too, i’ll be sad if they release artist after october and then you can’t use the spooky skins on your chara :smiling_face_with_tear:

release a skin AND a class in a timely manner that makes sense? thats a lot of copium my friend

i can dream!!

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but NCsoft lol