Artist x The Witcher Collab

As far as we know, the skins from this one time collab won’t be available to the specialist sub class, which is really unfair. Why not do what the community has been asking for ages and release Artist during our 1st year anniversary in February? This way it can participate in the Witcher collab and a lot of players will be happy. Please, pass it to the higher ups.

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Because reasons.

Business intelligence lol


So ironic too, because the skin has pants. You know. That thing that covers people’s buttocks, legs, knees, partially ankles even. The thing that’s even better than the shorts AGS is trying to photoshop onto Artist.

The thing I so desperately need for some of my female characters, because I’m kind of tired of skirts, not gonna lie.

We hear your feedback! I will let the team know.

i have also tagged Roxx about this, we seem to be missing some context here.

I understand not having the class ready for the collab event, but i dont see how it’s not possible to just use the chest on the artist when it eventually comes out.

My guess is that it might be an issue regarding their selling rights, but i would really appreciate some extra clarification as to why we can’t even hold on to the skin boxes and use them at a later day when Artist is live.

Omg same! Also, collabs usually don’t get reruns. If we lose this opportunity we’ll most likely never be able to get these skins ever again bc of copyright and whatnot, plus, other regions already have artist/aero and our roadmaps are as dry as a desert until April, so really, why not release Artist during our anni? They don’t even have to release it with skins, just postpone it, imo.

The feedback is forgotten forever

There’s a boob window though.

It doesn’t make any sense to me either, after all, KR, Ru and JP are getting the same collab or already did, didn’t they? And they have artist already, so it’s entirely possible to let us have that skin. Why are we being shafted :pensive:

That’s the case with the original Ciri attire as well, isn’t it? I don’t mind, the pants alone are worth it. Plus… Still a korean mmo…

It doesn’t make sense, we will be only region without opportunity to get this for Artist.

Every other reigon had opportunity too. Its a terrible excuse, they should 100% delay witcher event.

Simple reasons from the business perspective:

  • Releasing Artist with Brel+ Creates a FOMO drive and may increase swiping to Hone
  • Releasing Artist in April helps break out the content drought since there are less classes left to release
  • Releasing Artist in April may help bring players back to the game
  • Releasing Artist when all skins have been “westernized” has a higher chance at selling more skins than releasing Artist with just a base skin
  • Not having Witcher Collab skins for Artist is a small loss compared to the above

Simple reasons from the current player perspective:

  • Who cares, these dummies are still playing anyway
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I doubt they can delay the collab bc they have some pretty neat legal contract with specific dates and whatnot, but they can change the date Artist comes to our servers bc it’s their property. Leaving us without the possibility of getting this limited skin is terribly unfair, we need to complain bc we might have a chance of getting Artist during our anni.

Complain all you want they’ve not listened to a single thing so far, I mean i will still complain but I don’t expect them to listen.

They have listened to other things tho, like the pheon fiasco and the end of the year gift. There’s hope.

It doesn’t. Stop repeating this idiotic nonsense.
-supports are inherently unpopular. Many will make make artist, very few will hone her to top content. Of those only small percentage will swipe to get there. And by small i mean small. Supports don’t make big numbers appear on screen. They are inherently unappealing to whales.
-people who will want to hone to brel hard ALREADY KNOW THAT and are preparing (including yours truly). We will have more than enough mats saved up to do the job. SOME ALREADY DO. No swiping needed.
-ANY new class will be hard locked from participating in berl hard for 3 weeks by relic gear. And we are talking minimum viable product here, without getting the trumpets to upgrade set bonus, full brelshaza normal gear or any other time gated stuff. Would you take such a bare minimum to the raid? I wouldn’t.

IF the goal is to make people swipe, March is MUCH better release date. But depending what they planned for anniversary (ie. how much roster bound mats are they planing to give out compared to current event), February might be a better option.

Also content drought is inherent to the genre. People wo are gonna leave because no new content for 4 months or half a year will leave sooner or later.

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I like how AGS/SG do whatever the hell they want without even thinking about players, such a lovely company.

Don’t forget, they decided to hold artist hostage for over a year just because they can. They do not care a lot of people wanted this class, it was always supposed to be the carrot on a stick, together with brel hard.

Yep even TW will maybe have it.

I never said it did, just that from a business perspective that could be a contributing factor. The business could see it as a reason to delay a class release.

What you cherry picking a random bullet point out of that for lol