As a busser you can blame bussers for blue crystal prices

My bussing statics sitting on 700k+ gold after finishing honing all their main 6 characters for breshalza. These guys been whaling on blue crystals recently, and many others are in a similar situation. Blue crystal prices are swung by the people with a lot of gold, not your average player.

RMT gold generation injected into economy finds its way into busser’s hands eventually. Bussers make big bank if you don’t bus you not gonna afford the skyrocketing blue crystal prices. The raw gold generation you earn isn’t enough to keep up with the “extra gold” from valtan nm/hm solos, vykas buses, kuku busses and inferno valtan busses.

Unfortunately no solution to this so just gotta live and deal with it


Fake and lame story.


Bussing is not the way to solving crystal issue. Streamers and top korean players buss and they still broke. They even show proof in a lot of swiping cause bussing is not enough to feed on their main and 10+ alts. The rich, the streamers and rmters can turn the economy upside down in a single swipe. Your statics sits on a throne of lies claiming 700k+ was from bussing when it was bought from 1 single paycheck swipe or maybe rmting. :rofl: :tipping_hand_man: You probably don’t know NA yearly/annually income is far more than any korean players is by 3 times fold. Korean players limit spending is usually 800 and lower a month. Have you seen or heard NA players blowing up 4k+ a month? lol!!! Our economy is going to be far more worse than korea due to the fact NA loves to swipe. :tipping_hand_man:


Thank you, that the first post in this thread is also a clearly minded statement.

Such posts are bullshit. Yes, there are some very rich people out there, that has millions of gold and can afford everything.

But the Bluecrystal market is obv. bot made. The Bot gold + RMT gold made a huge inflation on the game.

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we also have some system in place that made it worse than it made it better like that 3 day restriction. I mean come on why use it on every single player instead of using it on untrusted new accounts only? Lazy coding.

THIS omg.

I spend like 2k already on my main account… like cmon … I never recharge. HOW MUCH MORE TILL YOU TRUST ME??

I think bussing is bad for another reason: It removes players from the pool that wants to complete the content normally.

I have only used bus on the last day if I didn’t manage to get into a group that week.

In any case bus is a symptom, not a cause. A symptom of a broken system where paying for gear (or grinding for hundreds of hours) gives you power that you can then use to exploit new free-to-plays.

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I personally don’t think that. Bussing is for alts that are not geared and for rosters that are not ready to gear their mains properly. But even they want to get the Relic sets etc. So they need someone, that clear the content for them. With the Current BC prices, it is insane expensive to get even legendary set. A new player can’t affort that. So he can buy a bus for 30% of the raid gold and get gold + can progress.

Once this dude is geared, he will run the raid normal.

Not really.

Bussing can be kinda annoying as you wait for people, you deal with customers and such. It can take time.

Meanwhile raiding on its own, especially argos, is just raw gold with no effort that takes next to no time - bussing on the other hand takes way more time and is much more annoying.

Unless you do tons of vykas busses and clown busses, it doesnt really mean much.
Now sure, clown busses are probably much better when it comes to gold, thats for sure.

Bussers dont generate that much gold, it sure is a fake story. And those that bus clown ? There are only very few ppl like that.
And tbh, bussing is so easy, vykas and valtan bus is for example quite a joke - its the bus passengers that are pain to deal with. Anyone can pretty much bus once u know the fight to some degree

Nice try making a fake story in an attempt to blame bussing for the obvious rmt inflation caused by bots printing gold. I give it a B- for being at least 1 paragraph long.

But you don’t need gear to clear the content. At least the content I have unlocked (level 1415). You only need gear to be let into parties. I have seen people claim you need x to beat the boss, but then I have seen people post videos of good players beating it with a lot less. I don’t believe any claim that you need x gear to beat the boss any more.

Of course being over-geared means you don’t have to have as much skill, but again that’s bad because it means there are fewer people who wants to practice. They just want to bus to become op and then clear it fast with other players with op gear. They never enter the practice pool so people who wants to practice and clear the boss at bare minimum have no-one to play with. That’s been my experience at least. I see the bus party and think to myself: “There goes another 6 low levels like me who I could have played with but now can’t.”


No, this is so wrong. The only “bus” I’d say is remotely “necessary” is Argos and thats because who the hell wants to be locked out each week to Argos P1? No one, literately no one, Argos is a trash raid. All other content can be done at ilvl.

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Busing distributes gold but does not generate it. It does not add to inflation. RMT and bots are the main reason for inflation.


Well, you kinda do.

If you start the game fresh, you maybe have 1 Engraving, max 2. You have to pay around 35-40k for 4x3. Atleast 25k for not rainbow stats. Or you get 1x3 and good stats (like full spec) but you sacrafice engravings.

Some classes also plays dogsh*t pre 1445.

And if you are new, you need time to learn a raid. Being on ilvl, being bad geared, having 0 experience in the raid and playing a class that spikes with ilvl 1445 is something that I wouldn’t endure on a raid like valtan.

I f.E. building an arcana roster and that class plays sh*t pre 1445 and without tripots. So I building everything right now and get bussed. I am very glad that busing exist.

No one is saying, that busing is necessary. I said that bussing is for alts that are bad geared. You still can run the raids bad geared by yourself. But good geared people wont buy a bus. They can easy run it with a normal group. Not sure if it’s clear what I mean.

I bus a lot and it I almost never meet anyone who takes the bus because they are low level or need practice.

99% of the people I bus either dont have time to pug the raid or dont want to waste pheons on legendary accessories for a new character that they will gear properly in the near future. Thinking that all the passengers are just guys like you who cant get into legion raids with 2x3 and 3x3 is a bit delusional.

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New people join Learning parties.

Also getting 3x3 is a joke, and thats more than enough for valtan normal and hard, hell - even for vykas. You dont need to pay a Thing for 3x3

True! The amount of time waiting to find a support grinds my gear.

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I geared an bard on a fresh roster. To just get him 3x3 cost me 30k on 1370. Needed to send him gold from my main roster to afford that.

Don’t underestimate the Pheon prices. You don’T get much pheons when you are new.

Bus is fine for zero effort alts - like if u just powerpass alt.

I only bought one bus - that was for alt to do hyper express event on. I couldnt care less about that alt as i wouldnt ever play it, thus bus was the only viable option as i wouldnt even do chaos dungeons on it.

I can see bus is viable choice for people that are busy or want to afk.

Other than that, being a bus driver is fun and its great that it is in the game. It makes raids more fun rather than an absolute steam roll and it also offers your character to get more gold - its also one of very few ways where skill pays off. Not like bussing is hard or anything, but still.