As a dev working in another game studio, my hypothesis about what was happening and whats next in the future

I would argue some of your points here.

As Cybersecurity specialist I must say that patterns that appear in bot behavior are too simple and plain to recognize at this point, as there are like 150-170 valuables that behave in the same way down to skillbuilds, clicks and abilities usage.

IMO Smilegate could as well implement this mechanism fairly fast and easy, as this code wouldn’t be even close to gamebreaking as most anti-logical behavior in-game is automatically tested via QA Automation for 2-3 days for 100-200k possible outcomes, and if the failure value is less then 2% it would go live.

My opinion is that they are holding onto the fix so that they can brag about the amount of players being online on big updates to attract investments for their future projects. As you can see, same thing worked for Twitter, and works quite well for most big-tech companies as they are willing to allow it.

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According to CMs they have these auto-pattern recognitions in place and based on that they can differentiate between real players and bots.

The problem is, according to what the CMS get told, that the bots are in fact like a hydra (which is obvious) and banning alone simply doesn’t work. they are back in no time.

And as it has been always established in several other thread and also commented on by the CMs (again only what they get told. they are not the ones to be blamed):

  • Implementing other means of authentication is easier impossible and/or very time consuming
  • using Captchas or so might not really work against the bots because they would be solved automatically
    → the market itself is the problem and needs to be targeted by them e.g. by allowing trade only among friends/guildmates and make hard restrictions on switching friends/gilds, bind mats and other items to the roster (already implemented in other regions afaik) and yes, maybe even get rid of the AH at all (like other games did in the past)

Sadly this seems to be all to very true at the moment as SmG is actively doing this…

Who would have guessed that it would be easier to ban players using gold from bots than the actual bots.

We all collectively discovered something incredible.

If only there was a way to present our discovery to AGS/SmG now :grin:

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They AREN’T even banning the botters! Look:

Amazon team when they see accounts logged in 168h over a week :

“Oh, it’s just the average, it’s fine.”



This is incorrect. While most of the dev work falls on SG, amazon absolutely works on the game in some capacity, especially when there are different builds. Just like every other KR game published in the West really (Maplestory for example).

Lost Ark 2 - YouTube Similar to the speed hack from the Deskaluda video.
@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Is redeveloping/converting the registration process to that of how alpha/closed beta games selects/allows new players on the table?

I feel like I am the only one juggling this idea whereas everybody is lock the servers to perma ban RMT to destroy AH lol.

Sure, bots can still slip through such a renewed process, but I would hope the operators of AGS/SG will have someone manually or develop an automated process to detect between human applicants to bot applicants. Also, the situation would theoretically be much more manageable than what it is and what it will be in the coming days and weeks.

I think you give ags too mich credit, they didnt listen to anyone with new world either.

You’re entirely correct, that is one potential way in which an anti-cheat engine could be used to find bots. However, it’s not in the game. Smilegate or some other company would first need to build and design an anti-cheat engine to do just that. It’s not exactly an overnight process.

Nice read and my thoughts to the letter , Everyone spouting simple minded solutions are really just living under rocks and dont know how the world or coding or pretty much anything works outside of their favorite h site and video games. Prob dont have jobs and are just on the fourms mad at the ques preventing them from farming moko seeds.

well~this might be true for parnterships with other companies, such as maple story which u’ve mentioned. but given amazon is new to the gaming industry, they dont have any staff resource to handle any type of dev work. this has been confirmed by roxx and shadowfox alrdy.

Bringing up useful post with pleasure :slight_smile:

So this is the first ever online game released and game studio had no idea there were gold sellers and automated scrip programs out on the interwebs? Sounds like shortsighted and greedy stupidity.

The compensation the devs give us in no way makes up for the queues… not being able to log on for daily guild donations, una tasks. Getting home from work with 3 hour queue and not making raids. 3 days of elite membership and a crate of consumables doesn’t come close.

Only posting a response cause I do enjoy this game but every day seeing more and more guildies say goodbye makes me feel lonesome in game and wonder how many more attempts before I stop trying too. :confused:

I don’t think AGS is involved at all, their responsibility is to “publish” the game for NA/EU, providing servers, customer service, etc…
Ultimately it falls on SGS (in this case, Smilegate RPG) and EAC (depending on what kind of agreement/partnership they have) to handle the bots, but bot problems are unfortunately beyond the scope of Korean developers as it’s much less of a problem in KR.
AGS have been applying the band-aid fixes (per request from SGS/their own discretion) and probably has some of their developers to assist but honestly, I think they’re just waiting for SGS/EAC to come up with a solution.

Yes please and as dedicated players who been keeping and eye and very active both in game and forum I supported this…
The solution is not permanent but at least I can enjoy a few days and hopefully weekend without 1-2h…
I swear when the queue reach 3h+ that’s when I will call it quit and start distributing gold to my static.
AGS do need to find a permanent better solution to fight this botters

Not only providing the server but ALSO maintaining the server performance. So it is part of their job :slight_smile:
Which means fighting bots are their responsibility

Why don’t we start with an ID verification like KR?