As a Healer; I need!

Hey! as my Title says, is there any feature Option that we can Customize Pings? Like, ! Red Ping to a Heal Ping for Support Bard? I Mean, many People just die bc’s they split up to much and i can’t heal them.

I don’t need something like Position Ping. Thanks!

People can see when you put your heal down(unless they arent smart and unchecked the skill visuals). I think the pinging system is already fine and if you ping something people should naturally look in that direction to see what is going on. As a Bard you are supposed to blame them for dying and give them damage buffs instead of healing. DPS buffs all the way

And now you know why more people rolled pally supp instead of bard in NA. These people struggle to learn how to stagger properly. GL corralling them for healing in this game.

yeah i feel it but Paladin kinda sucks for me, it makes no fun at all and i can’t realy spend much more time to gear him up to 1350+ like my Bard. So yeah people have to die if they fail to run into my mark, most of the people are just angry when u ping something on the Ground and they don’t move a bit for my heal…

I use the gather ping (north option in ping menu). Other than that, people who don’t have this option checked are trolling hard:


Likewise, as a bard you should have this option selected too so that you can line up Heavenly Song with buffs such as Wind’s Whisper.