As a non-alt player, I'd be more inclined to play alts if

As a non-alt player, I’d be more inclined to play alts if all the currently bound mats and potions switched to roster bound. Then I wouldn’t feel like I’m wasting my time. I really think that’d do it for me.

Apparently they are open to the idea, at least for lower tier materials maybe even everything.

That’d be indeed very nice.


As someone that does play a lot of alts -

It wont really matter because the biggest limiter is shards which are character currency and not a bound item anyway.

Though if it helps, pretty much all honing mats will be 1 gold soon anyway.

Its not like that in KR, so it wont be like that here.
That’s the only way itd ever change.
Regardless of that fact, most of your materials from chaos and guardian raid are unbound materials.
Your bound materials come from various vendors, with the exception of pirate coin vendor.
It really isnt that big of a deal having materials bound to roster.
If materials were all roster bound, itd be too easy to progress honestly.
I could see it in lower tiers, because T1-T2 are kind of failed versions of the game really.
They fixed alot of the issues with materials in T3, leapstones are upgradable to great honor leapstones, etc.
It’s not really needed in T3.

But just so you know, alts allready help you out quite a bit. You get unbound leapstones from guardians and the rest of the honing materials from guardian and chaos dungeons. The gold from abyssals also helps a great deal. I really dont get why healing potions etc arnt roster bound though. I get why you can’t sell the gifted stuff in the auction house, but come on, saving the chests in the roster storage and just open them as needed is needlessly tiresome. Una rewards being roster bound would also be pretty nice.

They are if you craft them yourself.
They’re even sellable.

Yes I know I am speaking about the hundreds of potions we get thrown after in the recent events. There are items that are roster bound. i see no reason why the potions from these chests shouldnt be. again, not sellable but usable by your own roster. And yes there is the workaround i stated. it just doesnt make sense to me


Not all of them were character bound.
Not everything has to be this BK have it your way system.
Just farm some herbs and craft them yourself for alts.
Use the potions you have gotten from events on your main.
Dont understand why this is such a big deal lol.

its not a big deal. its tedious without a purpose.


What tedious about it? Youre going to run out of potions on your main eventually anyways. Learn to make the resources yourself.

I allready know quite well how to do so, indeed its quite easy. Are you always this snarky?

that CM post looks promising. although i would expect it to happen around May instead of April

To be fair, it baffles me to see a game which seems to be very alt oriented to have so much restrictions about transfering items between our characters, or having so much bound materials, and not materials bound to the whole roster.

I still cannot believe I’ve to pay Pheons in order to send a basic T2 stone in order to help my alt getting the good engravings.

For a game that a lot of people tend to say is F2P and alt friendly, from my own experience it’s definetly not the case and I’ve no idea why unless the system put in place is just predatory.

Exactly, the game is NOT alt-friendly, in fact all of the gating and bound systems only proves how predatory it really is.

And it saddens me because I genuinely like a lot of things in this game, otherwise. Especially its level design, gameplay, classes, and so on…

We’ve trying to get them to believe that is the right thing to do.

Roxx said before it was a no becuase it would wreck the economy.

We’re hoping that the question was misunderstood as we wanted to be able to sell these materials, not just internally trade them amongst our alts.

So @Roxx if you are discussing this again with the team:

nobody expects to be allowed to trade/sell these materials. we want to move them around our own personal account so that they aren’t sitting in one characters bank until we fustration delete them

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Lost Ark is the epitome of the EA/Activision style of MMO creation. It isn’t designed to let you grind for anything, due to all the gating… instead it’s designed to grind you down.