As a support main I am frustrated by the lack of supports

Yeah, having very similar support kit feels really boring if you want to play multiple supports (compared to playing different DPS).

When it comes to WoW though, issue there is that healers are in my opinion quite hard to play, especially in PVP.

personally, i’ve played support in every game ever so my friends were surprised when i picked SH as my main. initially i wanted just to be able to clear storyline dungeons with ease. fast forward and i made a paladin alt and found how easy it was to join pugs without much requirements/gatekeeping, so i even made another one. however, i do notice how end game feels like nothing much has progressed with my character. perhaps im supporting my team better with relic set, but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as DPS. and im glad i didn’t main paladin with all those horror stories about being unable to clear thronespire. meanwhile, i know many support mains that are changing to DPS mains soon, and someone that had 12 bards just straight up quit from burnout lol. it’s understandable why people don’t want to play support, not enough choices and not enough incentives besides getting into pugs easier

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I keep asking myself: why can’t there be a support and a DPS build that is both viable for a class? Gunlancer can spec more toward party protection but it’s still way too subpar. Why can’t Zerker or Sorc has a 3rd class engraving that is just pure support oriented? Why does the DPS build of Bard and Paladin suck?
I can’t think of any answer other than that SG wants players to have to build 2 characters, wasting more time and money. It’s so frustrating. The answer to the problem is so easy yet they won’t do it.

I mean ya if everyone could support at the same time as dpsing then sure it fixes the problem but creates a new problem of people being more like carbon copies now.

And even still though, say you give pallies and Bards dps specs that are on par with damage dealers and give damage dealers a way they can “support” instead of damage, games in the past have show that IT still doesn’t fix the problem.

The root of the problem is at the core of people’s mentatility. Most people DO NOT enjoy playing a supporting role. Just even look at wow, DPS specs had healing and or tank specs. Yet the game STILL suffered from a lack of healers (and tanks). You can’t force people to play support.

4 supports and 3 dps here. it takes 10x longer to get into groups on my dps than my supports

What kind of shit math is this, its 2/16 (12.5%) or 3/20 (15%, KR), if class popularity was equal, we would have extreme support shortage.

I do think there is a lot of potential support classes haven’t tapped into. And no, not every support has to be able to do something other support can’t. It’s not like every DPS has a unique feature that other classes don’t. They stagger, they destroy, they do damage, they apply buffs to themselves and their group. Two classes can taunt, but the hardest bosses are immune to that feature. The only DPS with actual unique features is Gunlancer, because they were overloaded with support abilities.

Personally, I have a bard and a paladin, and I’m going to retire my paladin soon. Supports can’t find bus groups as easily, usually get less payout and are actively discouraged to invest into their characters. Bussing culture makes people reroll off support.

I think the bigger issue is that the supports just don’t have a lot of differing ways of doing their stuff.

Like yeah end of the day all the dps do stagger destruction and damage but HOW they do it is very different. I think for the most part every dps class in this game is different in a pretty meaningful way in terms of mechanics and the different feelings of the spells. Like Perfect Swing and Lightning Tiger Kick are both Charge spells that deal big damage but they feel completely different in practice.

This isn’t as big for supports because alot of their big support mechanic spells are basically the same. Spammable spell to keep up 10% damage debuff. 2 Large aoe 16%/6% attack power buff that maybe applies a shield. And a bunch of different levels of Shielding spells. Like the actual use of these spells are functionally the same across the board for all of the supports.

I think if we are going to move forward with supports they need to rethink what supports do. As long as they are trapped into the same 4 spells across the entire role I don’t think there’s a lot of room for gameplay diversity.

i think you took what i said out of context and just made up your own context

I never talked about class popularity. I’m just saying the ideal situation is 2 supports 6 DPS, so hypothetically 75% of the class population when joining groups should be DPS. Else, we’d see more supports than DPS needing groups… that’s never the case.

it should feel like there are fewer supports in general is all I really said.

Support player numbers are just like vegan restaurants.

If a vegan restaurant adds 33% more new vegan dishes, they aren’t going to get bunch of new customers just bc more choices on the menu. Sure, maybe a few net new customers, but either you’re vegan or enjoy that style from time to time, or not.

Adding artist will add a few net new support players, sure. I totally buy the argument some ppl are so mad/sad/hate bard and pally they aren’t playing support, but will do so with artist. But this fraction is tiny.

Either players are support minded and willing to level to high tiers (bc no shortage of lower tier supports, it is current max tier content where shortage is really at), or they are not. Adding 1 or 10 new support classes isn’t going to significantly change the dps v support ratio.

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amen to that… i used to be a 50/50 type player…but good lord i just cant not get enough BARDs… last week i deleted my LAST char to open up a spot for yet another BARD… that brings me to a total of 9 bards, 2 pallys, and 1 main SH…

i plan on removing my pallys for bards next. though when at least two bards are at the same ilvl as that pallys to compensate. lowest ilvl bard currently is 1402…highest is 1466.

BTW anyone need a bard for raid/party, and im free at the time let me know im a solo yolo player - and best part is I DONT CHARGE FOR …you know… PLAYING A HEALER CLASS

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Love the aesthetics and the feel of paladin, but I hate the male model. Would love to play a female paladin, but now that we have Amazon onboard I am a bit worried that the female model they design for the warrior class is not going to be very attractive.

I don’t think you have to worry about this because next class in KR to be released is female berserker with no sight of female paladin and because we will be always behind KR with class release schedule I wouldn’t expect female paladin sooner than in 2 years in the west.

I’ll play support when Artist get released, and probably will be my main. But bard and pally are boring as hell.

The Preview of female zerker from way back still doesn’t fill me with a ton of faith. I think it’s the lack of definiton that I was kinda hoping for. More abs and musculature but doesn’t look like they are going in that direction.


You honestly think they’re going to create an entire new female model/texture JUST for the World release? It’s just going to be a reskin of all the other females in-game with different armor. Don’t worry, she’ll have high-heels and walk like a runway model.

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Female Zerker/Warrior is going to have a different base model. It isn’t being made because of the west but they are going to be somewhat different.

I’m just sad the preview makes it seem like it won’t be different enough tho. I was hoping more of a super fit toned woman. Like a climbers body basically. I would totally love an Illaoi or Sonya bodytype but I get that i won’t be popular in korea. is what’s considered a “sporty, fit” body in Korea. Anything about 50 kg is going to be too big