As if we didn't have enough with bots, there're players with AFK farming macros too

This guy been there for 1 hour that I see, spamming same abilities in the same order. How is this not detected by your anticheat? Am I supposed to report this people?

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half hour later, still there

Yeah, I reported some bots that were simultaneously skill spamming at a triport in Fresnar Highlands last night. Logged in an hour ago, and not only are those bots still stuck there, but there is a new batch of 3 sorc bots stuck there as well, all simultaneously skill casting.

At this point I have no idea what AGS is even doing any more for these bots. Nothing they’ve done so far has really made any noticeable difference in game.


Unattended gameplay is the same as botting. It is a tos violation and will likely result in him losing his account. Report and move on.

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I’m a little surprised the degree of botting going on There’s always going to be some but it’s just so blatant in LA. There was a bot train on Lullaby Island today & they ran to the bottom & played music. They don’t even try & hide it.

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Well the main issue is that its a F2P game that has virtually no protection right now. EAC can be bypassed very easily and they are able to make new accounts much faster than they can ban them. Until they implement account level preventions like 2FA the problem will persist.

What makes this a million times worse than any other MMO on the market is their ability to use modified game clients that let them run faster than mounts teleport and even move outside the map in some areas.

Unfortunately there is no easy or quick fix for any one of these issues. They have taken a few measures in an attempt to slow them down but in most cases this has hurt legitimate players more than the botters (Rapport gold being removed).

idealy they should have anticipated these problems before launch. But I think that they massively underestimated how popular the game would be here in the west and so likely thought there would not be this many bots.

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isn’t adding a captcha a solution ? for exemple when every u r outside of content(raids, dungeons …etc) every 30min/1hour u have to do some kind of captcha in a time limit ?

We really really need 2FA anyway. If they are ever successful at banning the bots or making it difficult for them the bot runners will turn to stealing/hacking accounts. As long as there is money for them to make they’ll do whatever to get their hands on gold. If they are playing a custom game client does that mean they can circumvent Steam to get into accounts?


I would guess that they still need to use steam but im not 100% sure.

People have been suggesting this and its not the worst idea but not one that I am a fan of. I hate captchas with a passion. Maybe if they could find a non invasive way of implementing it. I dont wanna be in the middle of a boss fight and have a captcha pop up :sweat_smile:


that’s why i said when u r out of content haha ! yeh captcha’s are annoying but i think everyone needs to take part in fighting bots and sacrifice a little at least temporarily .
and it shouldn’t be like the forfeit window just invades the middle of ur screen, could be beside the map on the top right and with a special notification sound so u won’t miss it .
i think there r less annoying captchas like the ones used in genshin impact (hopefully it’s alowed to mention other games)

Sorry to break it to you but captchas are very easy to get past if people really want to

maybe he is just practicing his combos, you never rly know

Adding a captcha when you hit lvl 20 and every 10 levels after that will remove a significant portion of the bots before they can do anything meaningful.

I am getting tired myself of seeing bots that one shot enemies, run through walls and over water and can move faster than my mount anyway :slight_smile: