As someone in T3 I can clearly say: Honing system needs an overhaul in our version

So I recently hit T3 and while my character finally chilled in Punika it came to my mind how much of a struggle and unfun (is that a word?) was to get there.

Honestly, I never felt such a stressful and unfun system as honing. While I understand the purpose, I think the system itself is flawed and rely on the worst stat among everything: luck

It’s not related to skill, not related to progression, it’s only related to luck and wealth.

What I suggest is to introduce something like a Tier Token.

For example, the last guardian in T1 is Tyatlos and for example, he could drop the T1 token needed to upgrade the T1 gear to +15. Abyss dungeon in T1 content could drop more T1 token, so you could advance faster and so on. The harder the content, the more Token it drops.

That way legacy content would have a meaning, people could actually try and learn the mechanics or just skip them and go with the current system and grind the materials.

However, I think a Token system like this would solve many problems.

Tbh, I could even imagine these things with T3 content too, cause currently at 1325 I do not see how would I be able to get enough material to upgrade my gear.

As far as I think: gear upgrade should be always easier with skill than with money and lucky. I mean, yeah… every mmo, even WoW makes it easier if you spend lots of money but that’s only possible , because players with skills are rewarded.

So, yeah… this is another topic on the honing system being unfun. However I think we all agree that the western audience will certainly hate this, except for a minority.

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It doesn’t need an overhaul. We’re missing about 60k gold a day in mat drops because certain content isn’t released yet. However, there’s still infinite chaos which rewards time put in quite well. Also you’re at 1320 lmfao you can hit 1326 from 1 day of tasks from 1100 even with failing 2 upgrades.


I’m 1325, just a typo. However 1370 should be my aim. I do not see that hitting soon.

It 100% needs an overhaul the game itself is the easiest game I’ve played the only hard part about it is rng gear upgrades which I can assure you no one likes.

Should just make the raids harder or 100% chance to upgrade but need more mats or something.

Also spending hours in infinite chaos to then fail means your time was wasted not rewarded lmfao

This is literally how the system is in KR/RU, the only difference is they have a few other events that provide you with materials. The foundation of the progression system of the game isnt changing. This is literally what progression in this game is. Whether you find it fun or not, or whether its worth playing is completely up to you.

The game isnt changing just because Western audience wants it to. AGS is a publisher, not a developer. Main things and systems with the game are not going to be overhauled.

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I’m sure down the line honing rates will increase. As someone who has played korean mmos for a long time, Lost Arks upgrading system is super forgiving compared to other korean mmos.

The raids will already be harder as more content comes out, and people will then cry about that too.

There’s multiple people in my guild who do infinite chaos daily who are either on the cusp of 1370 or have surpassed 1370 completely f2p.

It wasn’t enough in Korea, why would they need (and get) an honing overhaul while we would just get the mats?

It wasn’t enough in Korea, why would they need (and get) an honing overhaul while we would just get the mats?

Because the 1370 raid caused massive gold inflation due to it being possible to carry 5 people in the entire raid so they’re being careful about it.