As someone whos recently been on the harsh side of criticism

Good Job with the patch!

I know you guys havent read a lot of this in the past 2 months, and I was partly frustrated too, still am! But besides all the jokesters that create threads on here about how they want to be compensated with their powerpasses after purchasing one way ahead of time (as if their lives would depend on that 25% discount) instead of just waiting for the actual patch to drop, I want to say that these patchnotes have been a pleasent surprise to read through. This is actually a pretty big patch for the game as also relic accessories will be way more accessable through more people getting to 1415 and so on.

To everyone bashing CMs for not knowing better - I am sure you are not serious, CMs share everything with us the second they know it and if they are under no embargo not to. Taking a piss at them is by no means needed as they just do their job within their boundries, so grow up and stop being salty.

Lastly - I am by now means whiteknighting on this forum, couldnt be further away from that, I am still not 100% on why they had a 2 months content drought to then server merge and content patch at the same day, its beyond me as a player but I am sure they know themselves that this has been a pretty big failure on scheduling.

For now, lets enjoy the patch as a whole and good luck to everyone doing clown this week, I am sure there will be lots of fun clips that arrive on the youtube!

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