Asia Pacific Servers Needed (AU/NZ Preferred)


This is a pretty straight forward gripe for the thousands of people in the Asia Pacific region that are trying to play Lost Ark using the recently released version.

As an example; there are certain boss fights that have an attack that gives you less than 2 seconds notice to respond and move out of the way.

Under ideal circumstances, that’s all well and good. Except in Australia - and probably NZ as well - it’s not.

Latency is usually measured one way.

When we’re playing with a 200-250ms latency, it takes 1/4 of a second for the information to get to us. 1/2 a second for us to react and then another 1/4 of a second for the information to return back to the servers with the input.

For myself and others that are playing, 9 times out of 10, the attack hits you as you’re just on the outskirts of the attack range.

This problem is going to be made much larger in PvP. If anyone has played Destiny 2 PvP, you’ll recall being paired up against people in other regions / areas as your skill level increased.

For those who played WoW, Blizzard discovered in 2014 that their game wasn’t going to be competitive in Australia/NZ with PvP due to the latency issues.

It’s 2022 and this critical mistake is being repeated.

You own the infrastructure, you own the deployments.

Are Asia Pacific servers on the road map or is there a Commercial In Confidence agreement in place that’s prohibiting you from telling us why this region isn’t up and running already?

For those reading, please respond with a +1 and your region location to show support, keep the comments civil.


Yes! +1

And performing maintenance during our peak times, really isn’t helping the situation.

APAC Server Needed