Ask me anything PvP related . i love pvp

yeah… fuck that, nothing pisses me off more than OP ranged pussy’s :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah / click at the post "bm arena " = discord . we are also live atm Twitch

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i feel ya. when i have to chase a sorc or a sharpshooter as a scrapper and i almost get him after using all my engages dodging nukes AND then his support just trows a CC and i am left hanging because my team did not react at the same time … uhh

1 Like another place with some good info < ( from a gunlancer perspective )

What is the most Op class on 1v1 and 3v3,and how do you fight strikers,deathblade,and artillerist since im straggling against them

I don’t think “most op class” fits this game . You can pick a safer class with more super armor lvl 2 to combat CC and win trades easier at 1v1 but some will be worse vs a specific class no matter what and good vs other. At 3v3 your team composition matters a lot and overall 95% of the time you lose because you play bad as team or lack skill (knowledge aoe/cc/range/cd + muscle memory ). A perfect game where everyone plays at a 100% classes potential happens in top 1000 sometimes .

How to fight VS deathblade i suggest to check this out : How To Win Against Deathblades In LOST ARK PvP - YouTube
Vs Artillerist well try to be out of gattling range first of all but if for whatever reason you can’t be left click auto attack to be stagger immune . They got long cd and if you are careful to avoid the engage/stun you can eat him up after .
Vs striker depending on your class play more defensive and anticipate his jumps because he lacks CC immune lvl 2 and he will get punished hard < he is fast but not protected .

i play gunslinger obviously im not that good,and i struggle against those classes,ill watch the video and try to apply the tips u gave me

qQestion i’ve been wondering is what is the difference between the individual Hard CCs


Are there any distinct difference or are they just fancy names for the same thing?

check this maybe :
Lost Ark PvP: CC & Resistances In-Depth Guide (Crowd Control) - YouTube ( min 6 check timestamp)
reeze and petrification will not let you add more cc to the target such as knockdown/knockout/push

i appreciate you sir

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How are people having instant cd on the tornados and ntm tons of skill interrupt and stunlock while none of mine does anything ever on Gunslinger

Also just finished a match where the sorceress is frozen whilr using hold skill and somehow the skill even continues on when the player who cast it is froze??

thank you . i am not the best and i hope to find people who are better and bring them into our community of pvp to learn and get good :stuck_out_tongue:

Grenade is an important Crowd Control skill.Use your mobility skills to get advantages positions. Remember your Push Immunity skills and escapes. Engage with Quick Step and your Sniper skills are so good to abuse from range .

check this guy out for 1v1 : Jelly can't stop playing 1v1 on Lost Ark! Gunslinger PvP! - YouTube
and this one for 3v3 : NA Lost Ark PvP Gunslinger 3v3 High Damage Carry - YouTube

abuse your range vs sorc if you fee like you don’t yet know when to jump in . i know what you feel trust me as i main scrapper and my job is to catch that class … and it is hard because they stall a lot of time with those AOE spells .

here is a fun fact

1 crit it’s literally 0.03% chance to crit, or 1 in 3000 hits will crit.

also having -1 subdue also has a slight effect, it goes from Impaired targets receive 17.85% additional damage to 17.78% additional damage

depeding on how your mind works you can chose to have that 1 crit or not :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment we are running a small tournament on weekends for 50$ prize .
And another event where we will be voting on the best clips to add them to Hall Of Fame every week where you can become a permanent stain in our place :)) - anyone can win here.
I hope to meet more pvp freaks there :stuck_out_tongue:

It is 3v3 TDM and all servers from EU central can join Saturday at the tournament .

50$ prize is not the goal ! winning a hall of fame spot is :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, and thanks for the thread.
Do you think Gunlancer has chances to be top in the rankings? is it support or not? Can be competitive in 3v3? thanks in advance.