Asking for a friend

At this point its embarrassing a lot of games have bot problem but for a game as well funded as this have the most bots of any game is (just wow) i suspect the devs are working on a solution but in the mean time put a GM in Vern for a day and the bots problem will be relieved to an extent

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Yeah, because bots will magically go away when you throw money at them.

Yeah put a GM in Vern… in every single server? Bruh you do know that they have 58 servers right? Hiring 58 GMs at minimum just so they can manually ban bots 24/7? It’s not viable.

hiring 58 GMs from Filipinos for 200 euro/monthly is not viable? XD

yes 58 Gm is not viable but 1 rotating between servers in one city would make a dent its not a solution just some action

they could pay the chinese police to go kick their teeth in

Chinese police doesn’t do anything as long as you aren’t stepping on their toes or pissing off the wrong people. They are mellow af compared to western police.

Also Amazon is losing money on this to chinese gold farmers, I wouldn’t do a thing if i were them lmao.

They should go play another mmorpg then.

Oh wait…there’s bots there too…

wouldnt make a difference lol 1 gm or 58 gm’s still wouldnt be able to keep up with 1000’s of botters that can create multiple new accounts instantaneously…