Asking for an Argos re-entry ticket

Hi, im sorry if this is not the place to make this sort of claim but I dont know how to contact support.
I was doing an Argos run, we got into phase 3 and my connection started to fail and disconnecting me from the game. The players were very nice waiting for me, resetting the fight until I got dc near the end of the fight and when I reconnected I was in the MvP screen but couldnt claim any of the rewards.
I wouldnt do this type of claim if I dont really need the Argos’ Bloods, but I finally got my 4x3 engravings and I was really excited to change to 2-piece Pre-ordained from 2-p Harsh Oath so I can finally finish my build.
I didnt take screenshots of the actual clear and I completely understand if my claim isnt valid, but here is an image with a conversation I had with one of the raid members who was waiting for me to connect (I play in SA so noted that is spanish).
Its unfair that just because you are not in the end of the raid, you cant claim the rewards from a raid you stayed alive 95% of the time. Sorry if my english isnt good.