Asking for Phantom Legion Commander Title for a Gate 1 + 2 alt reclear is beyond BS


Theres like 3 lobbies open at the same time asking for a phantom legion commander title or an achievement linked, denying my 1500 Glaivier with full lvl 7 gems, 20 weapon and 5 x 3 xD…

Do people actually realize how ridiculous this is? G1-4 parties should barely be gatekept, let alone G1-2, you could be asleep and clear those 2 Gates…

Its honestly just straight up comedy. People making these groups are usually also just geared worse than the chars I apply with and they simply deny me lmao…

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Where does it say they want phantom legion commander? Theres title for g1-2 as well, something something sunshine

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oh yea I linked that, they said they want Phantom Legion Commander, and there was also 2 other lobbies asking for Phantom Legion Commander per se lol. I get the Sunshine title, but they do actually ask for Phantom Legion Commander, which is just funny as hell to me

It does seem a bit silly to me, but if that’s what they’re looking for I can’t really fault them either.

Sure, if we want to plague the Party Finder Experience even more by needless Gatekeeping thats fine I guess. I am already pissed I have to do this and im not even pugging all my 6 chars as I do have some static groups, couldnt imagine the fun people must have who pug legion raids on all their 6 gold earners on a weekly basis lol

Should have seen the ones with g1-g4 needing titles for it XD

Everyone can open a group with whateven requirement he/she/it wished.


Vykas HM: DPS for Reclear, Mokoko Skin only
Clown: LF M1,2,4 only ppl without Grudge

You could write whatever you wish and ppl might apply or not. Depends on what you want.

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