Asmongold made a vid addressing/reacting to the EU situation

Go watch it. Seriously. Finally a larger voice adresses it and he put the situation in such a painful but true way for AGS.

( If i link it itll prolly just get removed so go watch it and discuss here your thoughts)


It’s because the best solution is not even in the development pipeline. In fact, it’s not even an idea as of this moment: Region Transfers. Would be ok if you know, it was in development but nope. No assurance if it’s even going to be a thing at all.



I mean AGS has been very open on this entire situation. Most studios & publishers would literally just say “working on it” even though there isn’t an immediate solution. AGS was honest in that there isn’t one ready and why

SmileGate never built in a character transfers feature. Amazon I’d imagine have no access to the source code so it’s not like they can throw together a character transfers service.

People can complain about it all they want and steamers can bring all the attention they want to it but nothing is going to get better in the short term.

AGS and SmileGate are fully aware of what’s going on.


We get it. It’s not available right now. What I’m asking for is…is it in the pipeline? Is it being developed? Will it eventually arrive? Not the whole “WE NO HAVE KK NEXT”


They literally said yes, it is being worked on. SmileGate is looking into it.


EU players need to stop playing chicken game with others in EUC server and start moving out to EUW.

Or keep like this and when 30% of player base crash, they will be able to play.


Amazon is addressing the situation pretty transparently; they were just hilariously unprepared for this.

They had new servers up pretty quickly at least; but no real means to transfer characters, instead hoping people would sacrifice all the time and real money they spent and simply reroll on the new servers.

It’s very amateurish for them to have ended up in this situation, but it is what it is.

At the end of the day it’s not much different than most MMO launches, though. The smartest thing to do would’ve been to wait a week or so before investing too heavily in any one character or server. The game being near impossible to play at start was always a very real possibility.


No they don’t.

At this point, for me personally its more than the time invested. Call me stubborn or prideful.

But i wont give up on what i worked on, just because amazon disrespects my time as a gamer. Theres PLENTY of evidence they could have fixed it, since founders launch servers were full, and they had 3 days to implement another eu server. Which literary everyone with couple braincells could have guessed the f2p launch will bring the same amount if not more players on the game.

Yet they didn’t. They implemented the server after it was way too late, and did not listen to the community’s advice and feedback. A lot of people foretold this.

To add insult to injury, the watered down " compensation" they offered, the founders packs. Are a complete joke and insult. You dont get all the items, you don’t het the currency, and even the outfit is not tradable/ dyeable. You actively lose money if you swap.

So now tell me, why should i fix the problem, and take 2 L"s in a row, to fix a problem THEY CREATED , despite all of our warnings and communication. Then they spit in our face with the founders packs too.

If you decide to treat your players like this in the first week of launch then im not moving an inch. You created the problem, you fix it or suffer the consequences. How convenient to pass the ball onto the playerbase.

If they did decide to reimburse full founders+ twitch drops and all the other stuff, okay. Maybe.

But out of principle i refuse to be treated like this by a multi million dollar company in a region they neglect, in a game that I LOVE.

Suffer the consequences of your actions, AGS.


They arent suffering, EU players are. Ok, keep playing chiken.

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You literally responded in the same minute i posted this. You didn’t read my response or try to understand it, and straight up responded with your (wrong) pre-formed point of view.

Don’t think you should be having many discussions if thats the way you use the forums.

Or if you prefer me to talk at your level:

“Yeah ill play chicken game, you cant play haha, deal with it.”

I’m playing right now. Enjoy your queue.


Yikes bro.

Imagine you had to wait in a 15k queue to even play the game, and then when you finally did get in you couldnt use matchmaking for any of the end game content.

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This tells me nothing on whether or not it’s coming.

not already being employed as a solution


As a solution for this current issue. But will it still be implemented in the future for when EUW might want to move to EUC

Well, no, in the video you can see the message from the update, there’s no method of transferring between regions.

Unless they decide they even want to get that coded, then it’s not coming.

This is the situation, if enough people complain and they change that? Maybe, but right now it looks like it’s a big no.

Indeed . Unfortunate but would be nice to know if it’ll eventually arrive just to ease ppl in the EUW if they ever want to move back to EUC

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Here’s the link to the article they both read in the video if someone wants it.

Ya it’s not a very reassuring post. It’s basically saying “nothing we can do now, just wait till ppl quit”