Asta burning again?

When did they leave and they’re back now? They’ve been always here since summer.

Asta on it again :blush:

@Roxx thats unplayable

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Can’t do anything right now.
When is this clownshow going to stop?

great experience


getting better every minute oO

The cash shop is working perfectly guys. No reason for them to intervene.


Too bad. AGS is on holidays (today and tomorrow) then weekends coming. They’ll see this forums burning on Monday.


What do you mean, just today and tomorrow? Haven’t seen them fixing anything since the patch of 9th this month when everything started going downhill. They seem to always be on holiday. Literally worst company in existence and no matter which game they touch, result is the same.


Fix Asta server asap, now, yesterday!!!
5+Min loading screen and kicked out of chaos dungeon

Same here, Asta is unplayable atm

Any information from CM’s, when will Asta be playable and what is the compensation?

As someone else said, they’re actually on holiday today and tomorrow. Expect them to start working on Monday again. Fix ETA? God only knows when you have to deal with AGS.

its not like they did something in the past few weeks lul

Maybe, its a better deal to learn korean language than waiting for Amazon to become a valuable publisher? :wink:

Anything that gets you rid of AGS in any way is always worth it.


Not sure if somebody is on today to fix their sheeet.

On the plus side.

You cannot disconnect while playing if you cannot log in the begin with

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