Asta burning again?

Probably not and I think they’ve been delaying this for weeks on purpose. The ‘potential’ fix was a scam, so they can go on a 4-day holiday now. They did absolutely nothing. And if they actually changed anything, it made things worse because I see reports from NAW too since last patch lol…

How come you haven’t reported in the megathread?

That’s in game feedback.

I’m a general troll only

Good call however, I reported in the megathread.

The only employee working at the office atm. ^


DC from Ghostship, entry lost. DC from Chaos Dungeons, entry lost. DC from Chaos Gate. Entry not lost, but sometime I want to go to bed, so I will…


When you get online again Asta, don’t forget.

Hello. Thank you for the reports. Our team is actively looking at this issue.

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Take a look at the Market as well.

Nobody can search for stuff.

maintanance incoming.

Can’t login. Asta down

bots can search :upside_down_face:

You’ve been here all along.

Just gtfo of the forum. LA is not even close to be dead.

wtf warum ist nur Asta down jetzt

thank you. its been working for me now

Thank you for the information. We will continue to monitor.


hi Odysseuss, thank you for the prompt responses and swift actions.

5 days and a swift action. WoW!

He is new here, his first post was one hour ago, and in one hour he communicated 4 times and fixed the issue on Asta server.