Asta burning again?

Doesnt matter if he is new. Server issue is been awhile now. Also, this is the 1st time that a DEV poped-up to address the issue. I wonder why these CM’s is doing all along and have to be the DEV to communicate this issue.

I know, its good to have it resolve and its nice to see a DEV addressing the issue.

Yes, it’s very nice to hear directly from the devs themselves.

The meme phrase was said: “We will continue to monitor.” LMAO

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This happened probably because the issue was inconsistently affecting access to the cash shop. Not surprised at all here. They haven’t addressed a ton of other issues for 3 weeks most importantly the disconnects. There is still lag besides the DCs.

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so it’s all good and stable now?

No, the server is nearly empty atm, but a simple char change lasts about 10min.

Asta 4:44 CET:

the AG amateur team at work, thumbs up

Asta burning once again… this is getting pretty ridiculous since the issue is reoccuring since several MONTHS now.
As always, ANY activity that requires loading (using bifrost, chaos dungeon, guardian raid, cube, boss rush, stronghold, even just changing channels) takes literally 2-6 minutes.

While Asta Players suffer from minutes of black/loading screens, players from other servers suffer from Asta players not connecting and participating…

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any server restart enjoyers? it helped temporarily at least

thats not a black screen thats just shadowhunter transform

Can’t use the auction house aswell…Items are not getting registered. Searching isn’t possible. :rage: :rage: :rage:

any CM restart enjoyer? its a ASTA only problem. Something is wrong with the server settings or whatever … pls restart the server now to fix it otherwise the whole sunday is a black loading screen simulator for all ASTA players.

@moderators @Maselbart @Roxx @Sandovall pls help us again… and just restart the server ASAP…

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I hope the Monitoring shows you the reason why the server is crumbling apart and we will get an Update soonish. Also i hope there will be a server specific compensation, of the issue, I for myself lost 3 Chaos Dungeons Runs due to the server issues and now i “fear” to run on my main character and lose even more due to the loading time transition.

Hopefully we will get an Update and Fix very very soon.

gimme running server i dont give a f. about compensation…

Hell yeah, can’t even login anymore

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ppl complaining about problems on the server.

POV: me not even able to join the server.


will it happen next weekend again? <.<

why wait until next weekend. Asta is already burning again.

Yep, seems it’s now a daily thing. Fun times.