Asta burning again?

Pls Pls fix this already. Monday 11:34 again unplayable

here we go again

pls restart ASTA ASAP @Roxx @Maselbart @TrevzorFTW


not again pls

Thanks for the quick reports. Fired off to the team prior to updating here.


Crashed out of the game upon entering the adventure island, no I can not even connect to the server, the game is crashing every time I try.

just restart the server as usual real quick its a asta only problem since months now… and restart temporary fixes it <3 thanks

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is it a daily thing now? -.-

It is unplayable, guys…How can it be that it’s just Asta?

I can’t get into the game.

please close the busy server who are burning over and over, so no new account can create a char there

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oh boy…
its no fun

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For the waiting time


wtb Server trans…

im INSTANTLY away then from Asta

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Rosterwide Server Transfer, please thank u? :slight_smile: Even if its behind a paywall. Get me out of this fiasko every 30 hours. Literally unable to get dailies done…5 times in 8 days? Ok.


so restart the server and wait for a few days until it happens again (Wednesday?).

Could we get a new special Title or Achievement for ASTA people? Like “ASTA Survivor” ?


Cant even login for 30 minutes. Game closing everytime

this game is really unplayable is getting worse and worse every reset

Another week where I can’t finish my weeklies due to constant server issues. Some of my dailies are rested too. Not only do we get the disconnect issues that all servers have, but Asta users get the special treatment from behind, daily. Good job Amazon. Just delete the Asta server and give us a server transfer please. AGS/AWS is very clearly too incompetent to fix it for the past 3 months+.

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