Asura adventure island bugged? No pve, no pvp, just portal after countdown

Pretty much the topic. ^^ I just went to daily Asura island, and after the initial 3m countdown with some pve spawns, the game directly jumped to the “end-screen” with the portal in the center. No pve part, no pvp. And ofc no rewards.

This is an odd bug. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced this! Could I have your character name and Server?

Were there enough people for the event to happen? There’s a required minimum or it basically cancels itself.

Funkenmariechen, Thirain

I have no idea how many people we were (it’s not like you are being told). Or how many are required if there is a minimum. But if, it clearly wasn’t our fault, so why are we being punished (ofc the id was gone after that) for a half-baked design? Once, we were only 2 people on Drumbeat, and the event did start, although we never had a chance to win it.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll get this over to the Development Team to review.

Also, thank you @PowPowtia for extending a helping hand. :slightly_smiling_face: