At least 4 things not working, Day 2

After sitting another day in que, this time 22 k people (almost 6h) i just log to a game where its SECOND day where my
Crystaline Aura is not working. So no Bifrost so i need to sail manually for half an hour to do my una’s task instead of playing the game and progressing.
[edit] i forgot, its common problem, only 2 aout of 13 ppl in my guild did not lost their crystaline aura and acces to product inventory.
I wanted to buy Stars Breath to up my chances for weapond upgrade, but Store is not working.
I have hat and a pet from Twitch drops but Product Inventor is not working.
I wanted to exchange currency but i get prompted that “market place is under maintenance” so it is not working.
(like why does this matter for exchange, why do i need marketplace for that if there is completley separate NPC for it… )
C’mon ffs, i just want to play the game that i bought Plat founders pack and use items and tools that im somewhat in need of.

is there some workaround to make aura and other things to work?
oh boy oh boy …
when will you fix it?

ok now games is almost unpleyable…
This started like 15 maybe 20 minutes ago and just pop up totally random every 3-5 minutes for 20/30 seconds…


Now i cannot add cards to my collection, two of them i dont even have yet…

What is happening with this game?
It starting to be bigger fiasco than NW for me.

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