At least T1/2 Global honing buff should have been out by now!

New Event & power pass and express is nice to have but it doenst help new player at all.
Lost ark has been released for a months now and global horning buff isnt there yet! Not sure why? At least t1/2 should get this buff already. Most new player will quit and get bored in t1/2 and people gonna sais it will gets better in the end game. The Problem is people dont get to there.
what you guys think you it be out now or not?

(Im also now 1480 and want all my friends to try this game out but i also dont want them to suffer in T1/2)

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100%. t1 and t2 should have been out for ages now. They should be focusing on getting more people to t3 quicker which is where the game is more fun and your class plays better.

They want the game as close to death as possible before they consider this I guess…
Can’t miss out on people willing to spend 200$ per alt to reach T3.