At slime island event

during the even on slime island the other day. I was really surprised as how easily some people get one hit kill me. I have done a modest amount of pvp on here at untra 4. The ones I clicked on and looked at there gear and stuff it just didn’t seem possible. are people using hacks that can make them stronger?

without 1.5k endurance and heavy armor, you’re bound to be one shotted

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Everyone can get one shotted in open world pvp, damage scales much higher than defence.

Unless you invest in defensive engravings.

i had heavy armor to 50 i was only at 1100 that day as well. so maybe the power differnce in a coupld of lvls is more than i thought it would be.

Should check youtube for pvp hacks XD though the vid i seen was obviously a hacker. They could be doing the same thing just taking off speed to not be so obvious

if you were at 1100 ilvl it makes complete sense you got one shotted. damage gets crazy in t3 compared to t2.

Gear is equalized no? how does tier effect anything.

Engravings, gems and card sets are not.

Engravings dont even work in pvp >.> can’t be mayhem zerker.

Atlas is the only island I been able to be mayhem zerk on… Unless I just didn’t go to other pvp islands

I don’t know hat and doesn’t work on the islands but that has never even come close to happeing in the arena. it just seems kind of fishy to me. That’s the one form of cheating people do in these games I don’t care for. when they use cheats to beat others in pvp. that is something that makes the experience completely pointless. You have zero chance against hackers in pvp. If they want to do it while they play solo I don’t give a dang. Just don’t mess with others with your hacking. I’ve always been to afraid to even look at those websites to learn about hacks and that kind of stuff. makes me think of porn sites and viruses lol.

What was their ilvl? AFAIK, pvp enabled islands have light balancing.

If it was on Slime Island event activated by the owner guild of the Island (the weekend event that gives you gems and accesories) gear is not equalized, so whales and people with PVP build just OS all other players

Long story short: Slime Island event PvP is not equalized. If you are not end-T3 geared you will be one shot, and even then Whales will still one-shot you.

I thought I wanted domination lmao. Sorc reflux dom swiftness right?

better get a pvp build :slight_smile: I love the event!

GvG mostly uses different build setups, it’s less about your dps and more about your survivability. Then of course GS comes into play, a 1500 is going to clap a 1370.

Most find off-spec Jewelry with Endurance, engravings such as Heavy Armor and then you work as a team instead of running around trying to be the hero.

Sorc is gonna be squish either way, so yeah Domination is fine to help you burst down stunned and staggered targets while you zip around and try to CC for your team.

yea seems that way. be nice now that im over 1300 to see how they do. I sold all my pvp stuff a while back but it was all t2 anyway and wouldnt be much use anyway, nowi kind of feel like doing pvp again. wish i kept them for the arena.