At such a high price, no one will buy this


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This box is like a joke

high price? look at a SA server. Welcome to Korean Inflation.

It will go even higher

Looks like you got it worse

Yea the economy and game are dead. Rmters fucking destroyed this game. Cant even buy a simple thing like npc outfits in stronghold anymore

$80 for that KEKW

I’m convinced this is because people are selling skins instead of buying gold using Royals. Even at the prices in NAE right now you get more gold per crystal selling a summer skin than you do converting. Because there are fewer people buying gold with Royals the price is going up.

Once the summer skins go away and assuming the next skin line is buyable with Blue crystlas or just aren’t that popular then the crystal price will dip down a little bit.

I doubt we’ll ever go back to those 500g days but I expect it’ll be 200g cheaper for most regions that have a healthy number of people spending money.

There are many reasons for this (in my opinion):

  • as you said, people buying skin pack to sell instead of directly selling RC because skins are more profitable
  • people who RMT and have more gold, buying blue crystals regardless of current price
  • less people exchanging RC to gold to “Impulse buy” accessories or books, because of the 3 day restriction
  • overall people with many legion raid alts having much more gold to spend compared to just a few weeks ago (punika pass, express, honing buff → speedrun 1415+)

Also, like ykang said, we will never go back to 500g, ever.

Think from the other side, would you sell 2.5$ (238 RC) for 500g?
That’s not even 1 tap on the weapon, not even 1 quality reroll, 500g is “nothing”

Ive never bought any of the BC packs in the shop, are there offers that are actually decent???

I figured if the price of BC goes up enough that eventually it’d be more cost effective to buy like the leveling packs or something

There is only one decent pack, which is the Level 50 Pack
1,100 RC = 2,600 Blue Crystal

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