At the Journey's End South Vern quest line

Hi Mods,

Is there a problem with At the Journey’s End South Vern quest line? When i try to end the dungeon it says “This content is temporarily closed for maintenance purposes.” When is this going to be fix?


@Roxx Can you advise on this?

Yes please… dungeon is locked at least since this morning!!

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Hello, the team is aware. The dungeon was closed due to an infinite loading screen bug. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks! I will lurk on that post.

Hey how long are the dungeons going to be locked?

Appropriate quest name :slight_smile:

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@Shadow_Fox @OminousOnion @Roxx

Any update on this? my 1415 cant do the new chaos dungeon without finishing story :frowning:

most likely going to be fixed thursday. Since this was a holiday weekend :confused:
Just stack rested in the meantime