At this point, just shut the servers down for a week or so, what a mess

Title… Man, i’m baffled.
-Founders not able to even log in;
-Founders pack Duplication, Crystalline aura disappearing;
-Itens vanishing from people accounts;
-Game crashing, tons of errors, characters stuck;
-SA servers locked with no queue whatsoever (reason? i dont know);
-EU servers…I don’t even know how to describe the mess amazon did with this guys;
-Gold sellers, BOTS, 3rd party softwares… you name it;
The list goes on… man it’s sad, it really is.

To be honest, i really, i mean, i REALLY thought you guys (AMAZON) had learned something with the DISASTER that was the NW launch, Yeah… i was wrong!
What the hell man, what a mess… c’mon!

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