At this point you need to release new classes fast if you dont want the game to completely die in the next few months

People are all fed up with bots and are quitting because so little is done to prevent it. SG and Amazon should release the rest of the classes at a much faster pace rather than drip feed to compensate and hopefully keep the majority of the playerbase from quitting


you mean to make ppl rmt more to gear up their “main” :smiley:


They will get right on it to make sure you are happy. /s Get real.

Honestly its just a combination of nothing getting done about the negative things and repeated let downs after let downs for the potential positive things (like class releases, honing buffs, probably vykas not even coming this week, etc)

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I don’t think new classes will save this game at all. At this point, I think its already gone. #RIP

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Yea and just let the game die… sad. Might as well go out guns blazing but i guess they’ll keep drip feeding i dont expect much different

Class cadence already killed the mood, the honing buff not coming with Vyska was an addition to the clownfiesta and the bots is the double edge that could kill Lost Ark.

And now, the CEO is praising Lost Ark Western for having 800k cumulate players. :clown_face:

Tic toc tic toc time is running…


I have already returned to WoW. And boy does it feel refreshing. I pay my monthly sub, I have access to all the content without relying on some RNG honing system that could cost $1,000s to catch up to the next raid. There are numerous ways to earn item upgrades, including many deterministic options.

Lost Ark at best will be a casual “side game” for me. And that would only be if they release scouter soon (doubtful).


They could drop all the classes we don’t have on Thursday and it wouldn’t be enough to bring me back.

I need to see actual action against RMT before I touch this game again.

I really got the feeling about when the main I wanna play “Reaper” gonna get released then all I play with have either left or so far a head so I just end up with leaving for good because the grind up to do endgame stuff is just to long with the small materials and how expensive it is for getting up they so give up at the end with the grind :sweat_smile:

Yeah I don’t think I’ve seen this bad of a pattern in a release in all my years of MMOs, literally mistake after mistake. That is saying something given I’ve seen an update brick peoples OS and get less shit for it.

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Eh, WoW has RNG for massive dps increases through it’s weekly chest system. Imagine not getting your BiS trinket for weeks and losing out on a significant amount of DPS. Of course, that’s not even going into raiding where you could potentially never even get the item you want even with the raid tier ending. Gearing is a massive flaw in WoW and if you played this expansion you know they time gate players in the story whenever a new content patch comes out. You also had reputation-based power aka socketing which sucked. Luckily the removed the next system but the system previous to tier pieces this patch aka domination shards were massively RNG based and were a pain. My friend didn’t even get the ones he wanted for 2 months… I quit during that patch since that shit was terrible. Also knowing blizzard they’ll make the same mistake again as they have every god damn expansion.

Oh. I did play a bunch this expansion, although SL has probably been one of the worst. So I know I haven’t missed too much by taking breaks for both New World, and Lost Ark. At the same time, I much prefer having to grind for that one “min-max” item… and still be able to participate in raid content while I do so. I don’t believe anyone was getting benched for not having all their domination shards, unless they were in top 50 world guilds. I typically play support roles (although went DPS in Lost Ark, since it doesn’t have a real healer or tank).

Now look at Lost Ark. You don’t even get to step foot into Valtan, until you have your gear set “complete” (ie, have had enough successful hones), and this only gets worse with each raid that is released (without very strong catch ups that extend into tier 3). Then to be told that my preferred class (Scouter) will likely not be implemented in the game until mid 2023. That’s just too much IMO.

Oh, they weren’t but your class felt significantly weaker. My friend who still raided in a World 100 guild said he went from parsing blues and low purples without his shard set to parsing oranges. it’d also determine where you could kill a boss or not at some points if your raid didn’t have as much domination shard sets.

You aren’t really grinding for min-max in that game. You play the lottery after a certain point. If you aren’t playing much later into the patch you also get time-gated on valor.

Yeah, you can’t it sucks. However, you can’t expect to finish a mythic raid tier in WoW without gearing yourself out. Not to the max obviously, but to a significant ilvl with good enough dps. Obviously, if you are doing normal and Heroic then that’s totally a different deal. You can clear Heroic pretty quickly with skill. Mythic not so much as gear checks are in place on purpose. Both games gate keep you in different ways when it comes to the highest content. Unfortunately, even the lowest difficult is gate kept in lost ark.

Yeah, that sucks. The way i look at the remaining classes are as if they’re new classes because I’ve never played the classes before. Can’t ever really judge a class until I’ve played them. Me saying I’ll main X is the same as saying I’ll main a class that hasn’t came out yet in even KR.

EDIT: But yeah, Lost Ark’s flaw is that accessing the new content as a new player is insanely difficult and a big grind. WoW purposely added catch up mechanics and as long as you aren’t too behind then you will be fine without wanting to bang your head on a wall. Though, the game itself has a lot of time-gating especially in this expansion.

right now I feel like a captain going down with the ship.
I love the game and I want it to do well but unfortunately unless AGS and SMG get their ducks in a row, we’re all just here watching it sink

lol game’s dead wdym loool they ain’t doing any ban waves to bots LIVE. Only doing huge swarm of bot bans at weekly reset… They should be actively banning these bots MANUALLY. They probably have their own bots to find the bots and stack them up until weekly reset and ban them in a stack

Right. I played Scouter on RU, and it feels really fun. It’s also one of the best classes for casual fun due to the low cost to build it well.

That being said, I haven’t tried the Artist, and it has some potential as a support I might like. They were looking like they may be a “real healer” on KR, until they got totally nerfed… I guess that was not the intention. Either way, that’s yet another class that wont be hitting NA/EU until mid/late 2023… a lot can happen in that time so AGS should probably wake up… they may think they are clever to be “planning for the future”, but the truth is that another game could come along and blow Lost Ark out of the water before they even get a chance to implement their “hype marketing”.

You realize this forum is a bubble…a small little bubble in the grand scheme of people actually playing the game?

You know how many times this forum has said “If you don’t want the game to completely die in the next few months”…

How exactly is this going to help? All it ever does is to encourage players to RMT more to gear up their new characters.

Please don’t mix this bot/rmt situation with anything else.

Complete hogwash.

If people are going to RMT, they are going to RMT. It has absolutely nothing to do with new classes (that are not actually new anyways) being released into the game.

Just because some people are going to break the rules (and many will pay a price for it), doesn’t mean that legit players who have been waiting for their mains.

By your logic, they shouldn’t release any raids, or any new content for that matter… RMTers are going to just spend money!!!