Attempt 2: Will the Developers Ever Acknowledge and Actually Fix the Stuttering/Hitching Issues?

I’ll guess I’ll post this once a day until someone from AGS answers me. We are directed to the forum to report issues like this so it’s my only hope but my post just gets buried in the forum. This is even worse after the patch last night.

I have been patiently waiting for a fix to the stuttering issues I’m having in this game. The problem is, now that I’m grinding away at end game content, it’s to the point that I don’t even want to play. At all. I experience constant stuttering and frame drops.

My system is pretty solid and I don’t have issues in any other game including high-end and demanding titles that just eat up system resources. Running an RTX 3070, 3600xt, and 16 GB of RAM and a solid, high-speed fiber connection for Internet. Tried all the suggestions I can find online, including:

Power settings to high performance.
Updating drivers.
Running the game only.
Completely disconnected my second monitor to eliminate the theory of 2 different refresh rates causing the issue.
Disabled all area and loot chat and even all chat.
Tried every possible combination of border less, full screen, Vsync on or off, Gsync on or off. Every combination of capping refresh rates and FPS that made sense such as 144 for both and even 60 for both. Tried all of this with every possible combination of the Vsync and Gsync on/off as well. Cleared all of my shader caches and verified Steam files.

Low and behold the experience is still completely ruining my chance of having any fun in with this game. I enter dungeons and stutter around while everyone else is getting their damage in. PVP is really a matter of hoping I don’t stutter while engaging and I usually recover from the stutter to see I’m already stunned or in the air getting a combo smack-down put on me. If the developers will not acknowledge and show some real effort in addressing this issue which A LOT of others are having as well, I can’t keep playing this game. As much as I want to.

I finally decide to post this here today after seeing no mention of a fix for this in the latest patch notes. It’s surprising considering how many post I find online with others having the same issue with high end PC builds. It’s clearly the game or servers causing the issue.


Were you able to find the shader cache specific to lostark? Wasn’t hard for KR or RU versions to do so but I can’t locate it now. I think it must be in a steam folder but no clue where.

Sounds like a spam incoming. Have you try being nice?

I just cleared all shader cache if I remember correctly. Was the first time I had ever done it TBH.

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