Attn: please revert hotfix

The patch has caused several bugs from class abilities not working to dungeons being unfinishable locking out main story quest progression… Clearly more time was needed to fix the issues with pvp but we wont be able to pvp if we cant progress to 26… Please revert.


I second this, Shadowhunter ult never goes away once charged now, and dungeons are unfinishable on my alt

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but reverting would cause the FPS lagg issue caused by chat, maybe just push it one patch or bugfix version higher?

that is a much easier issue to deal with than literally being unable to use skills and complete dungeons… tons of people are trapped from progressing the main story, which is the only viable way to level up, basically making the game unplayable…


Easily fixed by just turning off AREA CHAT in the chat options. As a temporary fix. It’s what I’ve done since day 1 of this closed beta.

I mean if you want to wait a whole day for it…

server down for hotfix?

yeah hopefully they’re doing what i suggested.

we will see