Auction House access issue

Can you look into why the auction house is telling me is too busy to let me access it? This happens frequently, no matter the time of day. Thank you!

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please do something!

Adding to this thread. The AH is becoming completely unusable. It takes several queries to even run the search and after that, flipping through the pages of the query results throws a 1800001 exception. Please resolve as the market is a pretty significant part of this game.


150K robots are crashing the auction house, do you think the auction house will not malfunction?
All because of the robots, and AGS and robots are good friends, how ironic.

Between this and the dc’s, the game is nearly unplayable.

Maybe everyone should run an autoclicker making rapid queries to the AH. The bots won’t be able to do their thing and might get discouraged and quit…

How did you come up with the number of bots? It just sounds like you are bitter for petty reasons. I feel sorry for you.

It’s not the bots, players are running scripts on the auction house.

In order to get UNA coins, the robots automatically run the weekly chaos task, and then put the gems on the auction house for sale. Now the number of robots I’m sure you know is at least 150K. You can imagine how many robots are in the auction house at the same time. Of course, there are also some scripts to buy cheap items in the auction house to earn the price difference.

most likely everyone is off work because of holidays here in the US

but for the love of god wtf is this man

literally tried searching to see what skins were available and it was either too many adventurers or no search results for any skin piece then after like 25 attempts i gave up

Issue is very persistent over the past few days and it seems that Lost Ark servers are under attack. i think thats the only explanation unless someone comes out and says if this to be fixed any time soon.

Same here, i cant use it at all, hence no reason to play the game either, if i cant buy anything, why should i play or spend money on the game.

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When you encounter a search that requires turning pages, it’s finished. It’s useless to click continuously. I also want to find an accessory. I tried for 3 days and gave up. Do something about it. I want to have a good game.

1 month old issue that still doesn’t
I.e. the team have yet to acknowledge the problem

citation needed

This seriously needs to be fixed ASAP. It has been pretty much impossible to search for anything at all. One work around for the general market side is to favorite whatever items you think you will be searching again but that requires a successful search first. I finally cut a stone on my first alt that allows me to hit 5x3 and after trying to look around at different prices on accessories I came to the conclusion that the action house is currently useless. This is one of the core parts of the game and it is completely broken.