Auction house and market are unusable

Half of the time it says too many adventurers, then when it does search it says no results found, despite it’s definitely being on a market



I just came here to say this too. Trying to buy some gems and it’s next to impossible. This and server stability issues has been going on for a couple weeks now…Really shows where their priority lies when the store goes down they insta maintenance.


well this is no problem it will be fixed asap not like the discos… ags now the prios and shortterm money > longterm customers

They will re-re-re-re-RE-escalate it don’t worry.


the AH is being abused by many bots, buying and selling. They should add Captcha instead of 7 sec delay in AH if you buy alot.


It is especially bad today.

Before it was 1-3 refreshes, now it’s 15-20


The delay is literally useless. It’s 1 single line of code for bots to add 10 seconds wait before doing another transaction

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Working as intended. For the programs at least.

well, market and ah is impacting the player economy, so better not to expect it to be solved quickly. it’s different with the pheon drama that effect ags economy.



This problem is getting worse day by day, meanwhile Indonesian, Chinese, other third world countries are farming gold with bots and obviously this is coming from more than one place, but it’s never been this bad. You guys need to do something…

Any player who is caught doing RMT should be perma-banned. It’s not like it’s going to affect the player base.


rumor has it that the bots decided to withdraw from the market after the gold from the reports was removed and they were aiming to sell everything before leaving the game. It might make sense to the result that they took away their main source of gold, amazon and they can earn only gold from weekly unask tasks. Even if they catch fish or something, it still won’t earn them enough gold since they don’t do legion raids. maybe that’s why it always gives an error when we want to use the auction house.

25 refreshes before an item I was trying to search finally searched.

Asta server is on fire.

Still getting contant G0x9 and W0x9 error messages on NA-E anyway (unsure of others)

I wonder if we’ll make it to Monday before everything implodes at this rate.

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just a guess but i think bots started to use the market…, auto refreshes all day long, in EUC there is a server tahts busy, at all times for a few days now, and u can be sure all the bots are gathered there.

It’s also players running scripts to auto bid 1 gold on gems that they just leave running while afk all day

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Bro its so bad!!!

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they’re monitoring the situation don’t be discouraged! They been monitoring for 10 months so far


fuck that shit, like the game needs more damn annoyances than it already has

i loged in 3pm. now it is 3:19 . i have been trying in the last 19mins, and i havent succed once to check the accessory i want

I don’t think it’s the fault of the people who bid these gems. I bid these gems myself. For over a 3 month. without any programs. I bid lvl 1 gems for 3,4,5,6 gold. Always after the reset these gems were very few. It was obvious that the bots were getting banned.sometimes there was an update before the bots started giving gems and they disappeared again.
On a normal day after a major update there were a total of 1-2 k gems pages on market.
At the end of the week in the lost ark it was a maximum of 5,000 pages. 1 bot can display 10 gems or 1 page on the market.
There were a lot of them this week. 8 thousand pages. but today disaster struck…
In a few hours the bots uploaded thousands of new pages with gems. It’s almost hitting 15,500!!! ( only lvl1)

Bots also started listing lvl 5 gems for 1000 gold on AH. They sell cheaper and cheaper all the time.

A few days ago I was selling lvl 7 gems that I made with lvl 1/2 for 13/14k, now you can sell for 9/10k.Dmg. gems 9 prices dropped from 140k to 99k. If someone doesn’t fix this, the game economy will be completely destroyed.

I don’t know who works there and how well they know the game. In my opinion, about 3/4 weeks ago bots found a way to not get banned…
maybe there are as many of them as always. however, I haven’t seen a lot of new bots lately. And a bot that is quite old (I think 3 weeks for such a bot is like 80 years for a human :rofl:). Such an old bot, all he does is enter the dungeon chaos 2x a day, sends, receives mail, sells materials at the market, sells gems for ah. And another bot comes in to take its place. Maybe someone on the Asta server has such a large bot farm? That would explain the big problems there. I also think that the problem with ah does not give error eac offline, etc. Sometimes I sat at night and 100% bid gems at the auction myself. they all came to me. So no one else wanted to buy them. And it still kicked me out to choose servers…