Auction House Broken, Fix ASAP

I mean seriously…Fix this dumpster fire of a game already. Too many adven…(bots) any time I try to use it. Do whatever bandaid fix you did before to just fix this thing so it’s not a hot mess all weekend yet again. US East, Una.

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Hello, reminder that AGS is the publisher and not the developer. Also, our sole CM doesn’t work on holidays, weekends or basically any day of the week except 2 hours on a Tuesday replying to two trivial forum posts before logging off. As usual, we are sorry you are experiencing issues with the AH, it’s challenging for the team and it’s a top priority to get it fixed. Also, thank you for telling us as we don’t play the game ourselves and we have no staff to monitor anything but rely on forums topics to tell us if something goes wrong. Logging off, it’s already 5pm, will inform the team on Monday. It’s my deserved weekend and I won’t work 1 second after 5pm. I love my job.

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You want us to bother the team on their weekend because you can’t use a main feature like the auction house in a live service game? seriously?
Is the cash shop not working? Are players getting free pheons? If not then anything can wait for weeks or months to get fixed.


Just another weekend in Arkesia.