Auction House limitations causing more problems not less

The 10 second or so limitation on the auction house is causing people to end up searching or attempting to buy items 3-4x more than they would have had to do without them. There is more items unavailable to buy and too many searches than there were before these changes.

Heck now the auto refresh of the items after you successfully buy an item is 100% useless because the results are stale by the time the 10 second timer is up for you to be able to buy another item anyways. So then you have to click search and if it fails click again and then try to buy something that might not be available again because the bots have thousands of bots that can spam the crap out of the 10 second delay.

The intention was good, but the implementation had unforeseen consequences that has made it a total failure.


@Roxx @TrevzorFTW

on god pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee remove this in the maintenance in a couple hrs

please oh my god

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This feature has been hurting my brain every time I want to hone or buy rocks, just ruins the mood having to wait so long to keep going

Hehe. ensure safe transaction ? more like ensure raging frustation.
If this “feature” needs to stay then those bundle limitations need to go. Buying 900 material at a time and having to count to 6 in between every single time is just pure torture.


I was trying to buy cheap green engraving books to fill them in. Not a big deal just sort by cheapest price and start buying the number I need. There are 10’s if not 100’s at the lowest price. I buy 18. I get 7. I buy 11. To ensure safe transaction. I buy 11. I get 4. I buy 7. To ensure safe transaction. I buy 7. I get 7 of the wrong book because I forgot which one I was buying and clicked on the wrong one.

Why have 100’s at the same price and then have it arbitrarily only fill from a single person without any knowledge or reason for the buyer to have that? Then to have these limitations it just makes the oddity that much worse.

The limitation is fine, the problem is the ridiculously low limit in the purchase of some items. Should be at least 999 in every item, but 9? Seriously?

I’m not disagreeing that is another stupid limitation, but this new timer does not stop anything and causes significant problems for normal players. It is not limiting me from spamming the search button repeatedly and apparently every one else causing the searches to fail half the time.

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW are these feedbacks not enough to make you guys reconsider this stupid system? please oh my god holyjeez

tell me you never use the market without telling me you never use the market

This is the worst thing that ags or smilegate have put in the game yet. It’s rediculous that you gate keep aactual humans from buying things and allows bots to mass buy with this stupid system. I genuinely hope whoever made this system is not only fired but blacklisted from every tech industry

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W/e they do to “try” to combat bots, will only harm players, at least my experience so far
How about searching for ways to fight/remove bots from the game as a whole at last without touching the legit playerbase and their habits?

Would be about time after 6 month, don’t you think?

They don’t play the game, they have no clue what stuff like this does to actual players. They gonna “bring it up to the team” and call it a day.

I wish they at least shortened it from 10s to like 2s at the bare minimum.

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