Auction House Lockout (Kinda)

I do not know if anyone else is experiencing this issue but I am having trouble going through market like I usually do, game says “too many adventurers using this service try again later”. Is anyone else experiencing this? What is happening?

To many bots + a measure AGS/SG implemented

You are talking about the limited buy feature?

That is just one of the measures and this is another one.

I think AGS/SG has implemented another measure that limits how many people can view/use AH at one time.

You can get around it by just constantly refreshing it to load the stuff in.

Yea but that is what I am doing but this is annoying. So I guess AGS and SG are going back to making game bad for real players and good for bots. SMH

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AGS/SG so far doesn’t seem to care that much and everything that done so far has been kind of ineffective.

Apparently, AGS/SG will soon have something new coming out that might help for bots, but I wouldn’t have any high hopes/expectations for it to work given how the past 8 months been.

Trying to buy max stacks of anything is a huge hassle right now.

Search for item
Search failed and “too many adventurers using” message.

Do it again. Same message.

Do it again. Get through this time.

Try to buy 999 of something, say guardian stones. Partial sale complete you only purchased 138.

Type in 999 again and try again. “Your purchase history is being verified”

Wait 10 seconds and do it again. Got the “too many users” error again.

Do it again and get to the item. Type in 999. Partial sale complete only able to buy 231.

Great user experience right here.

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