Auction House Search Resets Parameters When Changing Category

When searching in the auction house for gear with certain parameters for engravings and combat stats, as soon as you change the category, it resets all parameters.

It should NOT be doing that when the parameters are perfectly valid for that category. It should only reset the parameters that don’t match.

For example:

If under advanced options I have:
Combat Stat: Crit
Engraving effect: Precise Dagger

and under Category I have: Accessories - Earrings

Changing it to Accessory - Rings, for instance, should not reset all parameters because those are perfectly valid options for rings. And even if I changed it, for instance, to the ability stone category, it should only remove the combat stat for being invalid, and retain the precise dagger engraving effect.

The complete reset of your parameters each time is clearly a bug and not intended, because you can change the category on the AH page itself without it resetting. It’s an extremely obnoxious bug, however, when you’re in the advanced search options’ and carefully set all your parameters, and have forgotten to select the category first. Because it won’t let you go to the AH page without selecting a category, and you know what will happen as soon as you select a category. Yep, all your parameters gone.