Auction item relist not working

Upon that I lost 50k on my profit, anyone know how it actually work?

If you were trying to flip an item by first buying it and then reselling it, then you have to be careful to note how many more times it can be traded around.

When people get some specific item the first time, tradeable/sellable items can be given around 3 times.

So, if you bought an item with 1 time left, then after you buy it its no longer re-sellable for profit because it’s out of attempts to be put back on the auction house.

In my experience that button never worked


do you understand what i talking about ?

You are either talking about a button/feature


You are talking about trying to resell an item you bought in hopes of making a profit.

the button is not working, it says “Relisting is possible when the remaining time until the expiration of the listed item is lees than 0 hours or more than 0 minutes . Upon relisting, the price and listing period may be adjusted and the previous listing deposit will be returned to your mail.” But the button not working as description. Happened in my every single item.

Did you try to relist something because the bids were too low for your liking, so you wanted to “reset” the auction?

With this I mean that there were actual bids placed by players.

I can’t use relist button even there is no bid on my item.

Here is an example. Based on the tooltip, I ought to be able to click “Relist” button. However, the button is grayed out, and non-functional.

“Less than 0 hours” - I suppose this text is not all together clear. Can I relist when there’s less than 1 hour remaining? Or do I have to wait until their is less than 0 hours remaining? If the latter, the listing will no longer appear in my AH Registered column because it’ll be in my in-game mail inbox. If the latter, then the Relist button is pretty pointless.

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right, i just have an item that less than 5 mins (no bid ) still can’t relist, after 5 mins it just back thru my mail.

Useless studio, bot, bug, delay updates, in-game functions, lol

The same happened to me, I lost 60k. And amz support says they have not even one person who could help me on this.
As a developer myself, I’m highly disappointed and demotivated about seeing such devastating and easily fixable problems like this, or the botting problems.
From a technical view, it’s nearly impossible to have a relist function not working for this long, a decent team would just monitor the usage of a function with automated alerts on spikes.
Even botting is fairly easy based on clique membership detection.
But probably I’m just being overly salty losing 60k, at least the other guy felt really lucky winning the auction.


You right, it is unacceptable for not fixing a function about a month, they may see our post complaining about this sht, they just pretended didn’t see our post lol.

even this reply function is bugged lol, hit reply and not showing which user reply to

I was looking for an answer to this, it’s still not working…

Seems they couldn’t care less :confused: