Audio does not restore after removing and replacing audio output device

While the game was running, I unplugged my speakers for an unrelated issue. After plugging the speakers back in, the audio for the game was no longer present. I assumed that the audio output device option in the sound settings for Lost Ark had been cleared as a result of unplugging the speakers, but apparently there is no option for choosing an output device. It seems like the game has a in internal option that automatically uses your systems settings at game launch, and then reverts to an internal default if that initial option is no longer available for any reason, and there’s no way to change this setting in-game without restarting the game.


I am heaving the same issue. I use speakers while playing alone and after when I join dc I change it to headset and lost ark has no sound anymore -_- restart solves the issue ofcourse but who wants to wait 4-5 more hours in queue?

Same issue, When My bluetooth headphones disconnect Lost Ark reverts to default audio, but when I reconnect bluetooth headphones Lost Ark will not revert back. I have to restart client.

I have changed the Windows advanced audio settings for Lost Ark and this does not fix it.

Also having same issues, no option to select audio device in-game is very inconvenient when bluetooth drops randomly

I also have the same issue with my bluetooth headset. In other games when this happens i use to go in game audio settings and choose the output device i am using, which always fixed it. In lost ark there is no ways to pick your output device.

We can’t be the only ones havinig this issues!?! i even tested it on 2 other PCs and it is allways the same. Once audio Output device is unplugen, disconnected, … and reconnected, the game sound doesn’t return.

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I frequently switch my system default between my headset and my speakers. if I do a switch in game, the audio remains in whatever sound system the game was launched in, no matter how much troubleshooting or system settings I run through.

the only current fix is disabling one and restarting the game.

Same here! Please fix it.

This issue still hasn’t been fixed

Any update on this? I use a wireless headset and sometimes it loses connection/reconnects and after that my sound is gone till I restart the game.

Any update? I have to restart my game whenever I change sound devices.

Appreciate the bump on this old thread, apologies it was never seen to.

I have reported to the team that hot swapping audio inputs results in no sound.

Any word on this issue? This is frustrating as if my headset dies I will immediately lose sound until i restart the game. And it wouldnt be such an issue but your client takes about 5 minutes to launch and every loading screen is like 30 seconds and its not my pc. If the game wasn’t so poorly optomized i would just alt f4 but this is just so much time loss every time.