August roadmap?

Just wondering why we dont have an august roadmap when we are less than 2 weeks from august. Its not like new content is being made, the content is there why cant you guys just tell us whats coming up lol

This is a game that rewards efficiency and planning. Why not tell us when global honing buffs are coming or the clown raid? Would love to make decisions on if i should hone main, alts, etc.

Also pls release the classes :slight_smile:

PS: this will be the last time ill be posting feedback here, since it seems to always fall on deaf ears. And honestly, if the communication doesnt get better and classes/honing buffs are not released soon, i will be joining my friends that quit at another game


It does never fall on deaf ears but they said multiple times that ags has no hands in this. They always need to wait for sgs approval

Second the petition for an August-September Roadmap after July update.
We need better communication with both, AGS and SG.


Because we’re in July hello? August roadmap comes at end of august. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ it be how it be around these parts.


A roadmap should be released at the start of the month telling players what will be happening throughout the month.

It wouldn’t be called an august roadmap if it released at the end of august…


Meanwhile in korea they have a roadmap for the next month, the month after, and the month after that…


u expect too much from a game with no communication for 6mth :rofl:

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You must be new here :joy:


They will keep releasing an update for future patches at the very last second before something new arrives. We’ve been through this before and I do not expect anything different until I see they make an actual official post with all the details of what is coming up on x day without any delay.


August probably will have some summer event and that’s it. September - Kakul and new class - Reaper or Scouter. There is not so much unreleased content. Btw on what lvl is the next chaos dungeon - 1490?

How are they going to release a roadmap if the event hasn’t happened yet? AGS and SG aren’t fortune tellers. /s

The real questions is : why kr gets a 6 months roadmap of new content while we get 2 months roadmap of already existing content :slight_smile:


I think it is 1490 for next chaos dungeon and guardian raid Kaleligos

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Because this is the decaffeinated version of the game, with no classes and no roadmaps. Also delayed content every single patch.

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Are you asking for August Roadmap while we’re in mid-July?

Hahahahahaha you must be new here.

We’re only getting the August Roadmap on 30th August.

1490 Chaos Dungeon drops Artifact Gear, which only comes out for Brelshaza.

because the july update needs to come out first

u new here ?

Clown is August :hushed:

Dude wait we still don’t know this week patch notes xD. Are u insane ?