August & September Roadmap Waiting Room


August 24th

  1. Kakul-Saydon Raid w/ Trial
  2. Mysteries of Wisdom Isle (Continuation of the Story)
  3. New Tripod System

September 28th

  1. Reaper w/ 1415 Hyper Express and South Vern Power Pass
  2. Inferno Vykas
  3. Pet farm

btw, worth to do Vykas Inferno for stronghold statue


dont think we get another hyper express but I will suck every copium I found.

I think Roxx said, that we wont get express event nor powerpass with the next class.

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yeah, even roxx’s last message about this was that we’re not getting one with every class release, but imagine pushing reaper to 1475 without express or 1370 global honing buff ><

We already have all global honing buffs in the game excluding the 1415 one that comes way later than where we are in the game rn

How is it possible for a player to make a better roadmap than the company xdd I hope the roadmap is like yours.

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not guaranteed, but possible

pasión my friend :3

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So excited for Reaper, it’s my future main. I’m so stressed about the mainswap that I’m gonna initiate with my current 1460 Deathblade. It’s gonna be hard to push Reaper to that stage with only one source of roster bound leapstones (guardians).
Hoping for that 1415 express though :grin:

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oh yes, i feel exactly the same hehe, i hope so too, otherwise switching mains to her will hurt my wallet without express and 1370 buffs :3
although i wouldn’t mind doing story all over again and spending tons of hours on reaper upgrading as she is my main and super fun :3

“there are not plans to release a pass with every single class” doesn’t mean “plan to not release a pass with every single class”

I might be hardcore coping right now but as far as english goes, these 2 are not the same

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I will buy the power pass though to get her straight to 1302. 1370 is gonna be easy with the honing buff and 1415 will not be that tough taking into consideration the SH buff we get at 1460.
What’s gonna be hard is 1445 and 1460. I’m terrified. Poor Reaper :melting_face:


maybe tomorrow? :c

yeah it is