Aura and Rapports + prices of gems

im okay with the fact that the rapports system and this being an mmo is an all out grind… but i just wanna say that i find +1 rapport option for emote and song a bit low as a bonus. +3 would have been nice, +5 would have been overkill… but +1?

i also think it would be nice to have a crystal purchase benefit of where as you buy more, you buy with a small discount.
ie: even if i pay for 400 or 2000 crystals doesnt matter, i might just as well buy 5x400 because its the same price.
it would be better imo. if the 400x5 costs more, and 2k crystals had a discount. meaning you`d actually have a reason to pay for bigger packs.
cause right now, people will prob just spend on the lesser packs just to get what they need, whereas this would benefit the consumer aswell to also feel like they gained something on a bigger purchase.