Aura Disappeared

My crystalline aura just randomly disappeared today, it appears that other people also lost their auras as well


same, i just redeemed the 3 days and it just stopped working, they are probably fixing the bugs with the 2nd founders pack too

same, i dont know what to do

I ran into this same issue. Mine happened after the game crashed at the start of the Neria Rapport Quest and errored saying there was a duplicate login

I lost mine too, disconnected after getting stuck on a login screen and after that it was gone. Relogging doesn’t make it return.

Same, game froze while changing zones. Tried logging back in, got duplicate login message. When I finally got back in, aura was gone. Also lost 10 crystal that I had before the game freeze.

Same thing happened here after getting kicked out when changing channels

it just came back i dont know i just restarted and wait

It still isn’t back here. Oddly enough I had a character on a different server and it is up there. So up on Galatur, but not on Aldebaran.

On Aldebaran as well. From what some have been saying in the chat, it’s due to the marketplace being down. So all things, like the aura are affected by it.

I’m also on Aldebaran, that’s what I’ve been hearing to

I’m also on Aldebaran

My aura disappeared too

Server: Aldebaran
Name: Yunoze

Same problem here… restarted everything and nothing.

I have a founders pack.

PS: is fixed now