Aura is gone - crystals are gone

It is fucking annoying - Aura is missing for days - even your compensation is not working. Shop is gone, and i did not receive the “Gift” you promised.


Yeah, same here. Second day no aura, no crystals… over week since issue exists and it dissapears randomly and nothing has changed, it’s getting even worse, not mention burning matchmaking

Writing to supports doesn’t help, they send you back to patch notes topic which is one week old. It’s literally scam

same hear aura is gone, shop’s not working and 3k blue crystals disapeared.

same here, was what pisses me off that is all my friend have the aura so clearly have nothing to do with shop.

Roxx posted that link sometime ago.

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The Solution should be restarting the game - with qeues…so it is no Solution, thanks for the Link - anyway! <3

My aura expires on 12/03 and today it does not appear.
The day I can play and it doesn’t work!

I validated the game files and it still doesn’t work.

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I was writing to them, they told me to use support live chat, support live chat sent me patch notes link that is one week old and he cannot do anything.

My aura and crystals vanished and noone cares about it.

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Obviously Amazon Games dont give a fuck about premium players - i did not buy any Aura until this problem is fixed.

Same here…

aura + crystals gone…
no shop
still queues 12k+
no reactions and/or communication is absolutely desaster
definitive New World Déjà-vu

If there was a limitation in this gameframework from the beginning, than the accident lays in the lack of regulation at headstart. But now…it’s the player’s fault and the publisher hope that people change region of their own…???

There was a rumor that ags didn’t want the same server architecture as in korea…what a nice idea, if it’s true -.-

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Same here no aura …

Also no aura.

hast nothing to do with game files.
It can suddenly appear again (no need to relogg or anything).

My Aura is gone since yesterday :broken_heart:

I haven’t had my Aura for the latest four days.
It’s pretty annoying since my pet-storage is also gone and I have stuff in there which I need.
Also, the Bifrost waypoints are not available.

My crystals are gone too, I had like 70 or 80 i don’t remember correctly but when i logging in the game today, they disappeared.
I’ve open a ticket too.

Same here. Yesterday my gems and aura disappeared and did not come back still. I also did not receive my second founders’ pack and the launch gift pack. I love the game but devs need to bring more support. The live chat is not working as well.

Crystalline Aura problem has been happening since day 1 but they just seem to ignore it and hope people still buy them.
At this point they may as well remove crystalline aura, since they do not work 90% of the time, and the devs/mods dont seem to care at all about it.
Its not really a good look for the game / devs/publishers that their most likley highest purchasable shop item doesnt work.
I wont buy one in future unless they can actually fix it and make it work 100% of the time, otherwise whats the point in paying for it and having to play without it ever being active.

And sure they will say just relog and it will come back (maybe) while we sit in queues trying to get into the server every day.

"> Missing Premium Content and Store

We have received reports and have confirmed that items are missing from Product Inventory, the Store is unavailable in-game, and Crystalline Auras are missing from characters.

While these things sound like they could be different issues, they are actually all linked to one root cause. For these entitlements, two different servers need to talk to each other, the game server and the commerce server. Right now there is an issue where the commerce server, due to the massive load that it is experiencing from how many people are playing Lost Ark, fails to properly communicate with the game server. This is why sometimes you can see and claim your items, make purchases from the store, and see that your Crystalline Aura is active and working, while other times you can’t. It’s the intermittency that caused our team to investigate the issue for so long before we could give a meaningful update. We have seen that while these items appear to not be on your account, they are still entitled to you.

To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly.

For Crystalline Aura specifically, we know that this is a paid premium account benefit that has a timer associated with it. We are actively investigating this issue."

They know it doesn’t work. Plus, Amazon can’t do it …

But he sells the aura …


yeah my too aura and crystal gone… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey there,

Also for me no aura active, and even more annoying is the fact that my ~2k blue crystals are at count zero…

So progression for me is totally slowed down today.

It could have been such a beautiful day.


Slen (EU)