Aura of Resonance for Chaos Dungeon didnt get the daily reset


Anyone else have this problem?


Same @Roxx @Shadow_Fox i know its early but mind checking whats going on?

Yep not just me. If you guys login to any of ur characters, ur aura of resonance didnt get reset but on your switch characters tab the aura of resonance looks like it did, but upon going into your character it becomes 0

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This also happened to me. I thought it was bugged. It looks like it just eats it from the first character you log into because my other characters got reset.

nope if u login to any of ur other characters it gets eat too.

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someone checked the clock and removed the comment :eyes:

Yup nvm, had to search for one :smiley:

Thanks for the reports! I’ve escalated the issue and we’re investigating it


Thanks @Sandovall !!!

In which region are you playing? NA-East or NA-West?

NA West for me, Mari specifically

NA-East for me. Regulus server

i haven’t logged in yet, but my guildmate has the same problem.

NAW - Enviska

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NAE - Azena

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Na west valtan

NAW - Akkan
IGN : Blackarm
not only me my guildies are expeirencing the same issue,
NAW - Akkan
IGN : Notallow

NAE - AZENA same issue

NAE - Danube same here through login screen it said 100/50 then after i logged into each character it reset to 0 without running any chaos dungeons

NAE-Elzowin. This could be same issue as I only run chaos every 3 days on character to get full rested and on my characters rested bonus didnt seem to work for yesterday. I can at least run chaos dungeon(as i havnt for the past 2 days), but my rested bonus did not calculate for yesterday

im having same issue. NAE Galatur. for me tho, it shows 100/50 aura, but when i log into a char i only lose 50 aura, and can still run a chaos dungeon, but the second gives me rewards as if i have cleared both already.